Update on emaciated Willow found starving at vacant house

On Sunday, an emaciated pit bull now named Willow was discovered under a New Orleans house by the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue. Willow was dying.

Moments after Willow was rescued, the shelter notified Villalobos Rescue Center(VRC) asking for emergency help as the dog’s body temperature had been dropping, and she had “begun to get cold.” And as Tia Torres, the founder of  VCR, packed up to leave her house and pick up Willow to rush her to the emergency vet, there just wasn’t time.

“…Stacey[ from St. Landry Parish Animal Control] told me that there was no way this little dog could wait, and Stacey decided to make the very long drive from north of Baton Rouge all the way to the New Orleans area where our emergency vet was located,” posted Tia on the organization’s social media page Sunday afternoon.

And Willow, weighing only 26 pounds – less than half of what a dog of her breed and size should weigh, arrived at the veterinarian hospital for life saving care and treatment.

On Monday, Willow’s update shows some optimism as to her prognosis, although she will remain at the veterinary hospital for continued treatment.

“She’s still hanging in there. Will be at the vet for awhile. She’s filled with parasites, dehydrated, starved (obviously) and last night got a blood transfusion,” posted Torres on the Villalobos Rescue Center Facebook page.

For Willow’s care: http://www.vrcpitbull.com/how-you-can-help/donations/

Read prior article here when Willow was found.

Perfect puppy snuggles

Thank you for rescuing me.

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  1. Anne Shaffer says:

    can anyone tell me if this poor baby is still alive and how she’s doing. Would like to send a small donation for her but didn’t know what was going on with her care.


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