Annapolis man accused of stabbing dog that tried to protect his owner

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In Annapolis, Maryland, a man accused of stabbing the family dog to death as the faithful pet tried to protect his owner by getting between the two, faces multiple charges. Jesus Hernandez Garcia, 24, was arrested on Saturday night.

According to CbsBaltimoreNews,  Garcia grabbed the woman by her hair and repeatedly hit her. When he picked up a glass bottle to strike her on the head, the dog intervened. That is when Garcia pulled out a folding knife and stabbed the couple’s pitbull in the neck several times as well as striking the woman. Hernandez Garcia said he stabbed in self-defense. The woman suffered a cut to her hand as she tried to pull the dog away. There were no wounds on the suspect’s hands.

Anne Arundel County Animal Care tried to care for the dog, but he did not survive his injuries.

Hernandez Garcia has been charged with first and second degree assault, reckless endangerment, aggravated animal cruelty and animal cruelty. He had been jailed without bond, but later was released on his own recognizance.

(Photos of Annapolis man charged via police)

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