UPDATE: Man beat his dog with bat for eating his Whopper burger

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In Dartmouth, Massachusetts, the owner of a dog arrested and charged with animal cruelty is alleged to have beaten his dog with a bat because the pooch ate his Whopper burger. On Friday, a press release posted  on the Dartmouth Police Department’s Facebook,  stated Greg Ostiguy, 50, had been witnessed beating a dog inside of a vehicle with a baseball bat. When authorities arrived, they determined the dog had been injured.

The dog was found in the front seat of the vehicle and noticeably frightened and physically shaking. He was transferred to the Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth and is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the Providence Journal, Ostiguy’s public defender stated her client is a former Marine and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  (PTSD). Past criminal records indicate Ostiguy had been convicted of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault on a police officer as well as a past animal cruelty offense.

Bail was set at $5,000 cash and Ostiguy ordered not to own or care for any animals until the case is resolved.

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20 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    So this scum has PTSD and that somehow gives him a pass to this abuse? Yes, no one is defending what he did, but too many incidents where that excuse or reason is used for something that has happened. Glad they took his poor dog away from him and he must never have any other animal to take so-called care of.

  2. Marni Montanez says:

    There are thousands and thousands of people with PTSD and do not beat their dog, or have a criminal record of violence before even going into the military. No excuse. Get help if you have a problem, don’t take it out on an innocent dog.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Yes let’s blame this on him being a former Marine with PTSD. I am willing to bet the PTSD has nothing to do with this abhorrent behavior. This ingrate sounds like just a mean POS that needs to be put behind bars. After seeing his rap sheet, one has to wonder why he was on the streets in the first place let alone had a dog!

  4. Red says:

    Sorry if he truly has PTS….. but if that is the case he should be in a hospital if he can not control his temper…. BEATING AN ANIMAL FOR EATING?!?!?!?!? REALLY? This guy deserves to be locked up, fined heavily and banned from ever having a pet or living in the same home as one.

  5. Diana Rowell says:

    Give me 5 minutes with this sub-human maggot and he WILL come to know the REAL MEANING OF PTSD after I beat him with a bat until he cannot see. Then I’ll spray his sadistic ass with cold water and start all over again until this m****r f****r cannot stand. Sick and tired of these LAME EXCUSES for taking out their frustrations on an innocent pet. He probably didn’t feed the dog either and then this retard wonders WHY he ate the whopper. What a sad and pathetic excuse of a man. Nothing but a monster. D**m spineless judges had BETTER start doing their job or they’re going to start seeing vigilante justice popping up and if these so-called to serve and protect officials continue to be lackadaisical about their job duties, they just might need to have a good ass whipping as well. WE pay THEM to do a job, WE are YOUR employers and you’d be wise to embrace that better. Period!

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    EXCUSE ME!!! My grandfather fought in the Spanish American War ( enlisting at 15) as a drummer boy! My uncle in WWII on the Eastern Front! My Father WWII in the Pacific. I state this so EVERYONE knows I have the utmost respect for our Service Members… I know my father and uncle both suffered PTSD only it was not a diagnosis at that time… Maybe this individual does have PTSD maybe NOT only a stay in a Psychiatric Unit for intense testing and therapy will determine that… There a Numerous VA Hospitals in Mass. and Ostiguy has had at the very LEAST 4 assault and battery , including attacking a police officer and OTHER Charges of Animal Cruelty issues…. and yet he NEEDS to resolve THIS case until his case with this VERY FORTUNATE DOG is STILL ALIVE after beating him for eating his WOPPER!!! May he hadn’t fed this dog UNFORTUNATE to have this ” Guy” as his owner in a while… YOU THINK!!! $5,00.00 bond and out to maybe self medicate and cause more turmoil !!!! Look at all the shootings to date… Ms. “PUBLIC DEFENDER””” I THINK NOT!!! YOUR defendant IS IN NEED OF LONG TERM HELP!!!!OMG

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      When my ex-husband first learned of PTSD, he decided he had it which would explain his drinking too much and abusive behavior. The only problem with that is he was like that BEFORE he went to Viet Nam. I hardly think this “public defender” using this as an excuse is realistic at all!

      • linda says:

        IKR. PTSD is and should not be an excuse for harming any animals. The issue with using PTSD seems to allow the assholes a why out of their heinous behavior. BTY having PTSD and doing harm to humans is not an excuse either. Our justice system has become lax!!

  7. Pamela Bolton says:

    Yeah. Here we go with the excuses!!! When was the last time he fed the dog? Someone needs to take the bat to his head to get his attention. Animal abuse WONT be tolerated, period.

  8. Melissa Gurley says:

    No more excuses for people who abuse their animals start making examples out of people like him hw should rot in jail

  9. JEANETTE says:

    a few years ago, my hubby and I were looking forward to having steak for dinner. well, we prepared them and left them of top of the kitchen sink. my Dobe, Rommel grabbed one steak and it was gone in seconds, No, we did not beat him. we learned, Not to leave food so close that he could get it. so hubby and I had half a steak each. good!
    oh, I had just fed Rommel about a half hour before, so watch for your big doggies.

  10. J. Martin says:

    I don’t care what the dog ate asshole!!!! Maybe you shouldn’t have left the food alone with a hungry dog you jackass It’s good you served your country .. I can respect that. But you beat a defenseless dog with a bat .. for eating your fucking burger.. YOU have some serious mental issues.

  11. Larry says:

    I read the articles about this jerk. I am a retired Marin and can tell everyone that he is NOT a Marine in any sense of the word. No real Marine would beat a defenseless animal. He is a coward who will attack any thing or person who is unable to fight back. I would like to know his MOS andsee his service record. I’ll bet he never saw any combat.

  12. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I believe his picture looks familiar from a previous posting concerning animal abuse. Lock him away for a good long time now. He can’t be trusted.

  13. Nancy Raymond says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses – another frigging crackhead who is using military service in order to gain sympathy for his cruelty towards an innocent animal. I’d like to take that Whopper and shove it right down his throat – My father was a lifetime Marine and no way in hell would he ever have treated any animal cruelly. Just another scumbag who is trying to cover his miserable act by using PTSD as an excuse – I doubt he ever was a Marine – his actions are deplorable and I hope there is a judge with a backbone who displays no sympathy for his cruel actions.

  14. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Do not let him ever get this poor dog back! He needs to be banned from taking care of animals for life!


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