Dolphins in Bali tourist attraction had teeth removed to keep guests safe

In Bali, Indonesia, dolphins captured and trained at a tourist attraction have had their teeth removed or filed down to ensure tourists were not harmed, leaving the creatures “traumatized.” Other dolphins are forced to jump from the water onto the side of a pool or landing during peak season shows stressing the animals internal organs and causing breathing difficulties.

On an island known for its forested volcanic mountain ranges, white sandy beaches and magnificent coral reefs, exotic animals used for entertaining tourists, are kept in filthy cages and stowed away until show time. On an island known for yoga and meditation, disturbing reports of animal cruelty are being exposed.

According to World Animal Protection, research reports from 26 animal attractions,  Bali, Lombok and Gili Trawangan, reveal the dolphins are kept in pools much too small and have had their teeth either removed or filed down. Chiara Vitali, from World Animal Protection stated:

“Having their teeth removed or filed down would be a very traumatic experience. It would have an effect that lasted for life. “

The report cited two female dolphins and young males had teeth filed down to “flat stumps.” Other teeth were missing. Trainers at the resort claimed the dolphins never grew teeth because they were raised in a pool. Dolphins use their teeth to establish dominance and to help absorb and detect sounds. Researchers state that is impossible. Because of so much publicity and bad press, tourists are not permitted to take photos or videos.

For a fee, tourists are towed out into the water on top of a dolphin’s back while holding onto its fin which may very well damage the animal’s fin if held too tightly.

As Bali grows increasingly popular with tourist trade, more animals suffer. Not one of the 26 animal attractions studied met the needs of the animals. And besides dolphins used for entertainment, are elephant rides,  drugged tigers used for taking photos, as well as orangutans and macaques chained around their necks and forced to perform.

Check out te video of the report by Wildlife Abusement Parks:

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5 replies

    If I had enough money I would free all those poor animals into sancturies. this is cruel beyond words.

  2. pamela bolton says:

    If they don’t want tourist hurt, keep the tourist away from wildlife !! Don’t sacrifice wildlife for YOUR GREED. HUMANS are the sub-species on this planet and you prove it EVERY TIME you do something stupid like this. How disgusting to do this to an animal just to put MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Indonesia is just another crap country that has no animal welfare rules or regulations and treat all animals like disposable objects. You are 100% right Pamela Bolton, it is human greed that rules – and taking advantage of those who have no voice. BOYCOTT ALL ASIAN COUNTRIES – China, Vietnam, North and South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand – hit them in the pocket.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Just another cruel action by this filthy country to ensure tourist money – THAT is the bottom line – GREED – at the expense of animals – to take out dolphin’s teeth to ensure tourist safety is only doing this to cover their butts from being sued – allowing anyone to be so close to these animals is just another example of their money grubbing. Indonesia is just another crap country that lives off the backs of voiceless animals –

  4. Adrienne says:

    Money talks and unfortunately the innocent ones who can’t speak for themselves are used and abused. There must be universal animal protection laws that apply to all countries. Things like this must not only stop but be made examples so more people are aware of what these countries do to animals just for the tourist industry. I believe when more know what they do to these animals just so that a tourist can take a picture with that animal, they would not spend their money in those countries.When people are informed, they for the most part, make better choices and I know it would apply to animals being abused.


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