Two men surrender to police in Maine in connection to brutal death of dog

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Two men from Winter Harbor, Maine surrendered to police on Tuesday in connection with the brutal death of a family’s dog. Nathan Burke, 37, and Justin Chipman, 22, have been arrested and charged with burglary, theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle, aggravated criminal mischief and aggravated animal cruelty.

A press release from the Winter Harbor Police Department explained in detail what happened to Phillip Torrey’s beloved pug named Frankie. On August 26, the nightmare began after a break-in. Torrey notified police someone had entered his home while he had been out of town attending a concert. The burglars had stolen his Hummer SUV, damaged his vehicle and at the same time stolen his dog.

Photos of Frankie went viral, and everyone was on the lookout for the adorable pooch. Sadly, Frankie’s fate had already been sealed in the most despicable manner. The 30-pound Boston pug’s body washed ashore in Hancock on Thursday – he had been severely beaten and shot. Frankie’s tortured little body was discovered by the wife of Hancock County District Attorney Matt Foster.

“There is a special place in hell for someone who shoots a dog in the throat and then packs it in 5 layers of plastic and drowns it,” Foster wrote on Facebook. “I hope I get to prosecute you…”

In an evil twist, Torrey knows the two men charged with killing his dog; he was shocked. In a special tribute to Frankie and Phil Torrey, the Winter Harbor Police Department posted their sympathies for the loss. The former friends admitted to taking the vehicle and the dog, but contended Frankie jumped out of the car and ran away. Both men denied harming the dog.

After the Hummer was found, Frankie’s leash remained on the back seat; on the hood of the vehicle a bullet casing remained.

“The Winter Harbor Police send our thoughts and prayers to Phil Torrey and his family over the loss of “Franky”. We will continue to work tirelessly to bring this to resolution for you and our community.”

The family wants justice for Frankie. Who can blame them?

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  1. Justice for Frankie. If these 2 so called friend stole Phillip Torrey’s Hummer SUV and Frankie, I find it hard to believe they “lost” the dog. Bullet casing found on hood of car and collar in back seat. These scum shot Frankie and while he slowly died, they stuffed him in plastic bags to drown him so that he wouldn’t be found and they wouldn’t get caught. What evil monster friends to do that to an animal they probably knew. Do the same to them. A bullet to each of their necks and tie them up in body bags and toss in river to sink to the bottom. End of story. No need for jail or waste of taxpayer money to keep these things alive.

  2. THESE ” VILE EXCUSE For a “HUMAN”!! NEED VIGLEANTE “Frontier Justice” Because some Slick Attorney will portray that they are depressed and were under the influence , and simply didn’t use good common sense !!! What did that Poor Little Dog do to them to cause them to do such a EVIL, Horrific , Murder of a small animal. If a child was there I Believe they would commit much of the same treatment… These ” Puke” are inner tortured and have dark souls!!!!! I hope the get a 12 person Jury that are animal lovers and caretakers and an attorney that can PRESENT a VERY VIVID PICTURE of What terror, pain, suffering Frankie Endured. I myself am sickened over reading this ..Winter Harbor , YOU need to rid your selves of 2 very disturbed Punks, because they aren’t men!!!

  3. Looks like these big, brave pieces of filth love to kill defenseless animals, even when the animal in question is a tiny, 30 pound pug.

    A ‘man’ would at least fess up to it. A coward, the only kind of filth who’d do this, would not.

    These vile creatures not only belong in jail for the maximum amount of time possible, but to be released only in pine boxes.

    The idea of someone playing “The Most Dangerous Game” with them, in fact, seems remarkably appropriate here.

  4. There is no punishment that is too harsh for these two! To do this to someone who is supposed to be a ‘friend” is unconscionable and there is a special place in Hell for these two POS’s. Rest in peace Frankie, I truly hope there is some justice for you and your owner.

  5. I wish we could bring hanging or the electric chair back……JUST FOR THE VILE, SORRY EXCUSES called humans that abuse, murder, torture or abandon animals.
    Luckily I feel 100% positive there will be a very special place in HELL…..burning for eternity for hurting this precious little dog.

  6. I need a lot of bail money if I lived close to where this happened. I’m fed up with our legal system. I really am. Maggot criminals are getting away with far too much. Who is it that decided animals don’t deserve better defenses????? So-called humans did that. And who decided that humans are better than animals? Once again humans did it. And I’m sure this is going to piss a lot of people off but I really don’t give a shit. A lot of the garbage they’re spewing out is based on biblical statements. Yet people wonder why I don’t subscribe to those particular tenets.

  7. I am willing to go and kill these men no problem just provide me their addresses. I have no problem killing humans so anytime you want an animal abuser killed let me know and I will do it in the most inhumane way possible.

  8. They look like healthy young men. WORK like the rest of us and save money for a hummer. You despicable pieces of filth. I hope you get your asses whooped in prison on a regular basis. Scum!

  9. It is almost the end of the month and there is no more news about this case. I’d bet Franky’s owner “forgave” them and dropped the charges. I am sickened to think if this is true. He said he loved the dog. I don’t think so.

  10. Totally coincidentally as I drove to an errand today,news came on radio 97.7 that Burke had been released on bond…although I believe the judge decided to release Chipman without his having to pay. Burke paid but is now out of the state.


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