Navy veteran accused of gouging out dog’s eye found guilty of animal abuse

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A former US Navy sailor in San Diego, accused of gouging out a neighbor’s dog’s eye  and torturing other dogs was found guilty of animal cruelty on Friday. David C. Herbert was found guilty by a jury of 11 charges including animal abuse and vandalism; six of the charges were for felony animal cruelty.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, in April 2017, Herbert went to the next door neighbor’s home of Maria Morales and tortured the family’s two Huskies; one dog lost her eye., but survived. The other dog  suffered acid burns both inside and outside of his body. The owners believed an intruder tried to force them out of their home. The family moved to another home, however the two dogs of the new tenants went missing one month later. One of their dog’s was found roaming the neighborhood. Police believe Herbert had injured or killed their other dog. Lala; the family’s nine-year-old golden retriever has never been found. That family also moved away.

Traces of Lala’s blood had been found inside of Herbert’s car as well as on the baseball bat he owned, however he has not been found guilty of beating the dog with a bat. When asked what happened, Herbert said the dog had jumped into his car and refused to get out, so he took her to a nearby animal shelter. He stated the dog had become injured and bled in his car when heavy items in the back of the vehicle slid into her.

During the investigation, authorities found Herbert’s internet searches included how to get a dog to drink antifreeze – a lethal poison which he purchased and left lying around his property.


Herbert represented himself in court. Including the animal cruelty charges, he was also found guilty of residential burglary and four counts of misdemeanor crimes for slashing the neighbor’s tires. He was sentenced to jail without bail and deemed “a clear and present danger” to the public. Herbert’s sentencing is scheduled for October 1.

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12 replies
  1. Christine Brown says:

    The same thing ought to be done to this BASTARD. I hope went he is sent to prison that the inmates beat the CRAP out of him and take one of his eyes out throw acid on him and make him drink acid

  2. vicki hood says:

    Are we allowed input for the judge? I want a piece of this guy. We need to attend the sentencing if we are not too far away. Tears for those innocent babies.

  3. Adrienne says:

    This vile monster needs to have the same things done to him that he did to these dogs and done by the owners of the dogs for justice for their family member.This creature doesn’t need to be anywhere but confined in jail for the rest of his life and pray that if he is, the other prisoners will make his life a living hell, which he deserves tenfold.

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    This VILE BASTARD should go Missing during the ride back from Court Hearing… Just like the poor dog He Murdered!!! He will use PTSD as a ruse to get off !!! He is an EVIL , DEMONIC , MONSTER who thrives on Torture, and Pain he inflicts on his VICTIMS which will SOON ( if NOT already) become children , handicapped , elderly !!! All just like the Companion Animals that can not defend themselves… Instutionalize him for the remainder of his life IT IS THE ONLY thing one can do to Keep SOCIETY AT LARGE SAFE !!

  5. Isabel says:


  6. Laura says:

    The man is obviously a dangerous psychopath and should never be free again; deserves Death, actually. But guess what? He cannot be appropriately dealt with because animals are considered “only property.” When there is a “necessity” attached to those same sorts of demonic acts, as in “lab animals” used for “medicine,” animal farms and slaughterhouses which are naturally often staffed by sadistic people, etc., etc., ad nauseam, people suddenly become all full of excuses and talk about “necessary evils,” or pretend that these things are done “humanely” despite all evidence to the contrary. People do like their burgers, after all; never mind what the demons do to the cows or how cattle ranchers torment and kill off wild horses and prairie dogs, etc., for getting in their way. It has ALL got to be reacted to in the same way as this demonic sociopath’s crimes and dealt with appropriately; not excused. But that would require people to give up some of their favorite products and tasty treats and replace them with non-animal items. “Ew!” they cry. It’s far more convenient and fun to instead attack those (such as vegans and ARAs) who shine a light on the problems. What a species. May this evil insane asylum be brought to a permanent end and very, very soon. I’m ready to go, have been for decades, ever since fully facing the fact of the David C. Herberts of this world and that people don’t really care to do what it takes to STOP them and make them extinct.


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