Riverhead K-9 officer killed in car chase pursuing DWI suspect

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In Long Island, New York, a K-9 officer was killed in an accident on Sunday night while in the car of a Riverhead police officer during pursuit of an Audi sedan driver who struck another officer at a DWI checkpoint.

According to CbsNewsNewYork, Rocky the German shepherd was in the vehicle when his handler, Officer John Morris, gave chase to the vehicle, but lost control of his car and crashed into a utility pole . The K-9 officer was ejected from the vehicle upon impact and died from his injuries. Officer Morris was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for his non-life threatening injuries. The other officer struck by the fleeing vehicle is also doing well.

Rocky had been a beloved K-9 officer for the last eight years and had been named after former police chief Roscoe ‘Rocky’ Palmer, who had been an avid dog lover. Officer Morris and Rocky were extremely bonded, and it continues to be a difficult time in the officer’s life as well as the entire department.

The Audi driver is still at large.

Rest in peace Rocky.

(Photos of Riverhead K-9 officer Rocky by Cindy Lysen Dickson)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Rocky should have had some type of restraint to avoid this like the office had. Even a simple clip could have possibly prevented Rocky from being ejected out of the car. RIP Rocky, your work was completed but run free with the other K-9 officers.

  2. Sue says:

    Lucky dog – No more hangings, no more kicking, or helicoptering, slamming to the ground, etc. No more being put in a cage or kennel for solitary confinement when not in use, or being abused in ongoing so-called “training.”
    After witnessing what happens to these dogs, and doing research to confirm that it’s standard, I’ve always said the ones who check out early are the lucky ones.

    Are you going to feature the story of K9 to be shot most recently after fighting back, and attacking his handler? (Benzi)


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