Poorly bred puppy died

Heartbreak and bills all that are left after poorly bred puppy passes away

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Heartbreak and bills are all that are left following the death of a poorly bred puppy who was fighting to survive. Not quite a week ago, Chip, an English bulldog, was taken in by the non-profit organization, Pittie Please Rescue. The group went above and beyond to get the homeless puppy the help that he needed, but his poor breeding ultimately proved to be more than time, love and money could repair.

Saving Chip

On August 31, the rescue group posted a video of the struggling puppy, and wrote:

He is having trouble breathing- labored breaths and sounds like his chest is very congested. Gums are pale. He is lacking oxygen. We are rushing him in for treatment but are pleading for your support.

One day later, the veterinarian’s findings were released:

After speaking with the doctors this morning, we were told that Chip is at severe risk for respiratory failure due to the amount of pathology and disease that are filling his lungs. It takes so much out of him just to breathe right now.😔 The inflammation of his lungs compromised his ability to intake oxygen; they are tired and overworked trying to simply get air. 


His trachea is insanely tighter and more narrow than normal. Bad breeding is to thank- something that infuriates us but is it not our focus at this time.

The damage was done

Fears that Chip would go into respiratory failure were valid – the poorly bred pup passed away. The heartbreaking news was shared with the rescue agency’s Facebook followers on Tuesday:

It is with extremely heavy hearts that we would like to let all of you know that Chip is no longer with us. He fought so hard, and we are forever grateful for all of you that joined us in fighting along with him. We gave him the best chance we could and while we are completely heartbroken, we find peace in knowing he left this world surrounded by and knowing love. Due to shitty, selfish breeding, his little deformed body just couldn’t make it.

Donations to offset the high veterinary bills which were generated while fighting to save Chip can be made to the rescue group’s website here.

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8 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    Poor, innocent little angel! You didn’t deserve this. The scum responsible for bringing you into this world should have been the kind of people who cared enough about you to make certain that your health wouldn’t suffer from their callous disregard for everything but money.

    All puppy millers should be hanged.

  2. Sue says:

    While it is very possible that poor breeding was involved in this pup’s physical woes, I noted that he was taken in by a rescue within the last week. And, one of the first things pounds and rescues do when a dog comes in is vaccinate him.
    Some of the more common long term reactions to vaccine poisons include itchy skin, hot spots, and ear infections, but there are more severe reactions, especially in those who have weaker immune systems.

    If this is news to most readers, that is because the industry is so immensely rich and powerful that it has now taken over government agencies and media, governing what you get to hear (their propaganda) and what you don’t.

    In the following links you will first see listed some of the adverse events (“Vaccinosis”) associated with pet vaccinations, and the second describes symptoms of one of those adverse events, Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia. Among those symptoms are difficulty breathing, pale gums, and death, which are described as affecting the dog in this article. Not all of the symptoms on the list have to be present, but any or all of them are included as vaccine reactions.

    So, instead of just being sad, please be proactive. Please know that this can be prevented. And I regret that I have only a small space and limited amount of words to counter lifelong propaganda and mind conditioning.

    Pet Vaccination, Vaccine Dangers, and Vaccinosis

    Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia in Dogs – Symptoms …

  3. Adrienne says:

    Sue has said things that are true and when it comes to vaccines for our pets as well as children you must read up on what is really necessary and what can be harmful. There is a fine line between regular veterinarians and holistic ones and both can work together to have a healthy pet. We really do not know about this poor babies vaccines but again, it could have played a factor as well as puppy mill breeders that must immediately be shut down. They service no purpose other than to make those people money and to hell with the mother dogs as well as the health of the puppies. USDA needs to make the rounds of all those homes and shut them down now. We don’t need more unhealthy animals in this country.

  4. Bev Woodburn says:

    Rest In Peace Little Puppy Chip. You have now walked over the Rainbow Bridge into beautifil Animal Heaven. Fly high little Chip with all the other precious animals.
    You are now in a beautiful place.


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