Shelter kitten surrendered missing his ear

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A young kitten was surrendered to a local shelter with heartbreaking injuries. His entire ear is missing and when brought to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, the injury was raw and bleeding. In addition to the pain, the kitten dubbed Vincent, couldn’t stop scratching – one can only imagine the little one’s pain.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to saving dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in north Georgia. The organization operates through a network of volunteers and foster homes in the metro-Atlanta area.

When turned into the shelter, there was no explanation given, and who can even venture a guess as to what happened? He is now receiving immediate care and pain control, but it is necessary to raise funds to help with this kitten’s very expensive medical care.

“What we do know is that he needs immediate medical care and pain control, and it’s a holiday weekend,” the group posted on their Facebook with a short video of the kitten’s injuries. “Is there anyone online to see this? We are worried he won’t raise the funds he needs for medical care. We’re worried no one will hear his cries for help.”

“When we saw the picture of his wound and his cute little face, we couldn’t turn away from him. Can you?”

Watch Vincent’s video here:


Vincent’s update states he is at the vet receiving pain control. It is hoped surgery can be performed on him Tuesday to close up the open wound. To help with this little one’s medical treatment, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photo and video of shelter kitten missing his ear via Angels Among Us Pet Rescue)

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  1. So who turned in the kitten and why don’t they know what happened? I take it nobody could ask the POS? How about calling the police when something like this happens?

  2. WHAT – these people can turn in a severely injured cat and NO ONE questions them? What kind of BS is that???? With that sort of attitude no wonder animal abusers are not afraid – Georgia needs a massive wake up call OR this shelter needs a total revamp. NO ONE should be allowed to walk away from an injured animal leaving it without being thoroughly questioned and the authorities called. Thank God this tiny being was given to a rescue group – if left at this so called ‘shelter’ it would still be in pain, suffering and waiting to die.


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