Young pup abandoned and left crying on side of road when a kind heart stopped to help

Near Alpharetta, Georgia a young puppy had been abandoned by her owner. She was frightened as she waited all alone on the side of the road. Several seemingly good people just passed her by; that … Read More

Young puppy with underbite called ‘scary’ and no one wanted to adopt her

A one-year-old puppy with a distinctive underbite had been continually passed by for adoption at a local animal shelter in Georgia. Sadly, the shelter had given her a rather disparaging name to go along with … Read More

‘Who the heck does this?’ Eight week old puppy thrown out of car

Near Alpharetta, Georgia, an unknown, but surely despicable human threw an eight-week-old puppy out of a car. Angels Among Us Pet Rescue has come to the rescue of the puppy, now named Orson.

The cruelty … Read More

Pup wears a party hat and fakes being happy while his broken heart mourns the only home he just lost

At Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, in Georgia, an adorable dog wears a party hat and “kind of” puts a smile on his face to fake being happy. Sadly, Teddy Bayer’s life is no … Read More

Shelter dog with painful uterine condition begged to be rescued before her final hour – granted miracle

At 6:00 in the evening on Friday, Shayleen’s life was about to end. She had arrived at a public shelter in the Atlanta area in severe pain from a prolapsed uterus. Most shelters that serve … Read More

Mac was dumped in the middle of nowhere because he was old; Now he is set to die

In Alpharetta, Georgia, Mac Rae’s status at the local shelter is urgent; he is 13-years-old, and although he is begging for his life, he is in danger of being euthanized at the shelter. Mac Rae … Read More

Dumped at Animal Control, mother dog with painful cherry eyes still cares for her puppies

In Alpharetta, Georgia, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, volunteers teared up as they described the heartbreaking situation of a young mother dog surrendered to Animal Control on Thursday afternoon.

Cicely Tyson is only one-year-old and … Read More

Shelter kitten surrendered missing his ear

A young kitten was surrendered to a local shelter with heartbreaking injuries. His entire ear is missing and when brought to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, the injury was raw and bleeding. In addition … Read More

Unlikely friendship: Blind dog and seeing eye cat need loving home

In Fulton County, Georgia an unlikely friendship reminds us all how our differences don’t necessarily matter in the much larger scheme of life when picking our friends, mentors and companions. And so true for Kim … Read More