Puppy with mutilated ears abandoned on freezing night

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A terrified ten-week-old puppy with mutilated ears was discovered abandoned on a doorstep on a freezing cold night. The adorable puppy, dubbed Marlowe had parts of both of his ears cut off and had been left outdoors shivering on one of the coldest nights in the year in Bradley Stoke. Bristol on Wednesday.

According to the Bristol Post, the puppy also was lame in his hind leg and had no nails on his front paws. The RSPCA has launched an investigation. The animal cruelty officer, Chris James named the pooch Marlowe after a homeowner found the pup on her front stoop and called for help.

The puppy is being treated at the Bristol Animal Rescue Center. Veterinarian Damian Pacini described the cuts as having been done intentionally and cut in straight lines around a third of the way down each ear. Marlowe is recovering and is expected to be ready for adoption soon. Get well soon sweet little puppy.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RSPCA. There are concerns about Marlowe’s litter mates.

(Photos of Marlowe with mutilated ears via RSPCA )

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9 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    When will authorities step up and start REALLY prosecuting animal abusers – I am so sick and tired of reading these horrific stories about humans who treat animals like disposable objects. They need to be held responsible for their cruelty and made to pay the price – it seems all these maggots get is a slap on the hand and allowed to go out to continue their cruel behavior. Marlowe deserved MUCH better and hopefully will get the safe loving home he obviously never had – the treatment of animal abusers is beyond pathetic.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Do the same to the scum who did this to this poor puppy but have the scissor “slip” and go into his neck.Do away with monsters like this.

  3. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Whats wrong whit some People ???? No brain åt all !!! Poor poor little Marlowe ???????? whish you a wonderful life in a careful and loving home ???????? you really deserves this ????????????????????


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