Louisiana senate approves bill banning sex with animals by 25 to 10 vote

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The Louisiana state senate approved a bill banning having sex with animals by a 25 to 10 vote. The bill now goes to the House of Representatives, and will make sexual abuse to an animal illegal, require the animal to be seized from its abuser and ban anyone convicted from ever owning any pets in the future.

According to the Morning Bulletin, a previous law which included “crimes against nature” that included bestiality had been ruled unconstitutional in 2003 by the Supreme Court because it included anal sex between consenting adults. The new bill, SB236, as sponsored by Senator Morrell, states any person who engages in

“sexual contact with an animal” or knowingly participates in an animal being sexually abused, will be charged.

Before the vote, Senator Morrell stated:

“God forbid you vote against this bill; good luck explaining it.”

SB236 is the same law that is “currently on the books” Senator Morrell explained, “but without unconstitutional language defining some consensual human sex acts as crimes against nature. This bill is meant to separate bestiality and sex with animals and make it easier to prosecute animal cruelty sexual offenders.

The ten nay votes came from Republican senators – John Alario, Brett Allain, Dan Claitor, Jack Donahue, Jim Fannin, Ryan Gatti, Gerald Long, Beth Mizell, Jonathan Perry and Neil Riser. The president of the Louisiana Family Forum, Gene Mills, stated there was no need for another law on the books:

“We believe (current) Louisiana law is instructional in nature and is written to reflect the values of the citizens of the state. The last thing we need is another law on the books.”

Read a previous disturbing story about animal cruelty.

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  1. Those ten senators should be ashamed of themselves! AND voted out of the office when their term ends, (I’m a Republican too) but there is no excuse for them voting this way. Evidently the original law is NOT clear enough.

  2. While this is great news, those 10 SOS maggot assholes who voted against it should be closely watched. I’ll bet they enjoy screwing anything that moves.

  3. Just who were the 10 that voted against this bill and should they really hold a seat in the senate?? I’d be
    afraid to know what they do in their personal time…..

  4. I can think of 10 ‘lawmakers’ in Louisiana who deserve to lose their jobs and should NEVER have been elected in the first place. If they think this is okay, what else must they approve of? How evil they must be in private if they’re willing to be this evil in public!

  5. Those that will continue to have sex with any animal should be publically shamed – their pictures and names need to be published in newspapers and announced in the media. And to those piss poor examples of Senators also deserve to be publically shamed – they are a huge embarrassment to the state of Louisiana and need to be publically called on their approval of this vile animal abuse.

  6. To Republican senators: John Alario, Brett Allain, Dan Claitor, Jack Donahue, Jim Fannin, Ryan Gatti, Gerald Long, Beth Mizell, Jonathan Perry, Neil Riser and president of the Louisiana Family Forum, Gene Mills: YOU are now considered sexual perverts engaging in sex with animals. You’ve brought this on yourselves by making it OBVIOUS that you have sex with your pets and other animals and don’t want to be prosecuted if you’re caught. NOW you will be monitored by a group fighting to stop sub-human maggots like YOU. Sad and pathetic losers ought to be tied down and raped until YOU PASS OUT so you know how it feels to be sexually abused, f*****g freaks of nature. We’re posting this DAILY on EVERY social media platform in order to OUT you for the sadistic monsters that you are. Period!

  7. Hard to believe 10 people voted against this bill to make it illegal. Would love to hear their reasons and so would their constituents. What type of brains do these people have?

    • Oops. I didn’t read the entire article – I see their names. They should ALL be voted out during the next election – better yet, impeach them! And I’m a Republican but I’ll cross lines in a heartbeat when it comes to animal cruelty.

  8. Shame on those 10 who voted against this bill that protect animals. Obviously that old bill was not effective. When people won’t do what they can to stop sexual abuse to animals and children, I often wonder if they have some hidden issue that has not surfaced or that they are hiding.

  9. Please email Senator Morrell and thank him for stepping forward in stopping animal cruelty and if you can send emails to those 25 who voted for and email the 10 and tell them how disappointed you are that they chose to vote against protecting animals even further.

  10. One has to wonder why another “law” on the books, especially one like this, was offensive to the 10 that voted against it. What do THEY do in their spare time?


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