Desperate mother cow follows her baby calf as he is taken away for slaughter

In a desperate attempt to help her baby calf as he is carted away by farmers heading to the slaughter houses for veal, the mother cow’s deep maternal cries are heartbreaking. It was a day the young calves were separated from their mothers; it was a day that sentient mother cows mourned the loss of their babies. Tragically, this is the sad reality of the meat industry, and even though this scene is not taking place in the United States, there’s no reason to think conditions are any better in farming counties across America.

The video, posted on the Facebook page, Glass Walls, an organization that documents the stories of the realities of factory farming and the abuses of the industries supporting cruelty and abject neglect for the welfare of all animals. On the organization’s Facebook page, the details about the video could make any compassionate person sob:

“While traditionally the meat and dairy industries are interlinked, some farms breed cattle for ‘meat production’ only. In these farms calves are normally reared by their mothers until they are involuntarily weaned then fattened and prepared for brutal slaughter. (You can notice the size difference between this cow’s udder and those of dairy cows.)

The video depicts the moment of separation, when the calves are being taken away from their mothers for good. The cows will be inseminated time and time again to produce the next batch of “meat” and will grieve for their lost calves each time they are taken away from them.

In the video a heartless man can be heard laughing ‘I feel like seeing her on the BBQ'”.

Watch the short video here: (It is not graphic – just sad). (Photo for desperate mother cow screenshot via video Facebook of Glass Walls.)

Teen who abused cows blames cruelty on ‘split with his girlfriend’

A 19-year-old farm worker from Somerset blamed the abuse and torture of cows because he “split with his girlfriend” months earlier. On Monday, Owen Nichol appeared at Taunton Magistrate’s Court and pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to cows by hitting or kicking them and to causing unnecessary suffering to one or more calves by throwing them on the floor, kicking and stomping on them at Pyyland Farm near Taunton, Somerset.

In an undercover video, animal activists from Animal Equality recorded the footage which showed Nichol kicking a cow in the face, stomping on a newborn calf several times and kicking the cow who just gave birth into the gate yelling:

“I f*cking hate you you little c*nt.”

According to Metro News, Nichol’s tantrum of abuse continued for almost a half-hour. Testifying veterinarians stated the animals suffered terribly. Toni Shepard, from the animal protection organization, installed the camera on December 7 following a report from a local resident. Soon after that, the disturbing footage emerged and the RSPCA launched their investigation referring to the cruelty as the worst they have ever seen. The owner of the farm was appalled when he viewed the video and fired Nichol immediately.

“To see tiny calves and cows who had just given birth being punched and kicked and sworn at in such an aggressive manner, I found really shocking,” stated Shepard. “We are pleased that he has been convicted for this terrible violence against dairy cows and young calves, and we hope that he will receive the harshest sentence possible.”

The case has been carried over until April 26 for pre-sentencing reports. Nichol’s faces a punishment ranging from community service to 12-weeks in prison.

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(Photos via Animal Equality video and Metro News.)

The video is very disturbing and may not be suitable for all audiences. Please use discretion. The video can be viewed here.

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