Young cow slaughtered in public prompts closure of butcher store

In Bloomfield, Connecticut, a young cow was slaughtered on Friday in plain view of shocked onlookers by an employee of a halal butcher shop after the animal escaped and ran into the parking lot of … Read More

Update: Men accused of 1,460 counts of sex with animals hosted ‘bestiality orgies’

In a farm located in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, authorities say the three men accused of 1,460 counts of having sex with animals had been going on for the past five years in “bestiality orgies.”

According … Read More

Man arrested in cruel act of tying cow in trailer along busy highway

The photo of a cow tied down in an open trailer being hauled along the Pacific Highway in South Wales has generated shock and outrage. The Mid North Coast NSW man faces multiple animal cruelty … Read More

Louisiana senate approves bill banning sex with animals by 25 to 10 vote

The Louisiana state senate approved a bill banning having sex with animals by a 25 to 10 vote. The bill now goes to the House of Representatives, and will make sexual abuse to an animal … Read More

USDA abandons organic animal welfare standards for meat and egg producers

On Monday, the United States Department of Agriculture abandoned stricter animal welfare standards that would have given  farm animals classified as Organic and used for egg production and meat more humane protections.  The Organic Livestock Read More

Investigation into cow abuse at Fl dairy farm: Publix suspends milk deliveries

Disturbing surveillance video at an Okeechobee, Florida dairy farm which sells and distributes milk to Publix supermarkets has prompted an investigation for cow abuse and cruelty. Okeechobee County Sheriff Noel Stephen, announced an investigation is … Read More

Nothing ‘adorable’ about a cow trying to escape last ride to slaughterhouse

A viral video has been making its rounds through social media after a motorist filmed a cow poking her head out of a cattle truck while travelling down a busy Melbourne highway on Wednesday. Viewers … Read More

Cruel improvisation of weaning plate for baby calf stirs ire with animal advocates

In Joubertina,  located on the eastern cape of  South Africa, the SPCA Assisi Humansdrop, came to the aid of a baby calf on Friday. Inspector Benjamin received a complaint about a cow with a … Read More

Desperate mother cow follows her baby calf as he is taken away for slaughter

In a desperate attempt to help her baby calf as he is carted away by farmers heading to the slaughter houses for veal, the mother cow’s deep maternal cries are heartbreaking. It was a day … Read More

Teen who abused cows blames cruelty on ‘split with his girlfriend’

A 19-year-old farm worker from Somerset blamed the abuse and torture of cows because he “split with his girlfriend” months earlier. On Monday, Owen Nichol appeared at Taunton Magistrate’s Court and pleaded guilty to two … Read More