Young cow slaughtered in public prompts closure of butcher store

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In Bloomfield, Connecticut, a young cow was slaughtered on Friday in plain view of shocked onlookers by an employee of a halal butcher shop after the animal escaped and ran into the parking lot of a Home Depot store.

According to NbcNews, the cow escaped from the Saba Live Poultry and crossed the street heading to the Home Depot parking lot. A police officer had been driving past the store when he saw the butcher shop employees running and chasing the cow. When the officer stopped to assist, in what he thought would be the capture of the animal  covered in feces, he called for backup. The officer thought the workers were corralling the cow to take her back to the store, but the situation quickly became more disturbing; one of the employees used a crossbow to try and kill the frightened bovine.

“…as the cow ran towards employee Andy Morrison  shot at the cow however he missed and the arrow struck the wall of the Home Depot.”

When three other employees finally reached the cow, presumably thought by authorities to be restraining it with a rope or a leash, one of the shop employees slashed the cow’s neck  in a single cut; an approved method of slaughter followed by the Islamic religion.

The laws in Connecticut state approved methods of killing livestock include,

“a cutting stroke to be administered quickly and efficiently with no excitement of discomfort…” however the killing must be administered in a closed pen or harness in order to minimize distress or pain to the animal.

The shop had not been given approvals to expand their business as was reported. The disturbing incident prompted local, state, and federal agencies to investigate. Since then, the business has since been closed for various violations. The U.S Department of Agriculture continues to investigate.

The employee, Badr Musaed, 39, who killed the cow, has been cited for creating a public nuisance. Animal Control officers are considering charging him with animal cruelty.

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5 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Glad that I wasn’t there, I would have totally freaked out at the cruelty………

    WTF didn’t that “genius” employee simply take the cow back to the shop???

    My Dad always said: “Common sense is not so common” & “You can fix many things, but you cannot fix “stupid””…….

  2. Susan says:

    All slaughterhouses should have windows so people can see the horrific cruelty that goes into the sterile plastic-wrapped slab they pick up at the grocery. Why would it have been better to take it out of view? I’m SO tired of adults wanting to live in a fantasy land and becoming infantile when faced with reality. If you eat meat, this (and MUCH worse) is what you financially support. If you truly hate cruelty to animals, the easiest and most impactful thing you can do is to stop eating them.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      I have been a vegetarian most of my life. My husband became a vegetarian after we married. We do NOT allow meat or meat products into our home…….

      I can honestly state the cruelty would have freaked me out……

  3. sherry mainquist says:

    Has Connecticut gone insane? The idiot who tried shooting the cow with a bow an arrow missed wth if he would have shot a person? The police didn’t arrest him? \


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