Man arrested in cruel act of tying cow in trailer along busy highway

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The photo of a cow tied down in an open trailer being hauled along the Pacific Highway in South Wales has generated shock and outrage. The Mid North Coast NSW man faces multiple animal cruelty charges for inflicting pain to an animal and failing to provide veterinary treatment to an injured animal.

According to AbcNews, a witness driving along the highway saw the man transporting the cow in the open trailer. Worried about the cow and the safety of other vehicle users, the witness took the photos and sent them over to the NSW Police. When an investigation commenced, authorities discovered the 67-year-old man’s other animals – two cows inside of a shed had died and two other cows were in horrible condition. The cow that had been transported on the trailer was found dead as well as its recently born calf.

The RSPCA were notified and the two remaining cows were euthanized. The accused is scheduled to  appear in the Kempsey Local Court on July 16.

(Photos via NSW Police)

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  1. Euthanize the owner of these cows and call it even. He is not a human being but a monster and needs to be gone from this planet.

  2. Yes, a slowwwww execution! And I have the same question! Why weren’t the other cows rescued and saved? Horrific tragedy followed by yet another!

  3. That old nasty bastard should be hogtied and dumped in the nearest landfill – let him suffer while he is suffocated under tons of trash – his cruelty needs to be given back to him in spades. Useless sack of garbage is what he is and I hope there is a fatal encounter with an 18 wheeler in his near future. I have no faith in the Wales justice system and therefore, a painful death is hopeful.


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