Jury sees disturbing video of dogs being mauled in accused dogfighter trial

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In a Manhattan federal court on Thursday, jurors viewed a disturbing video showing an accused dogfighter keeping dogs in horrible conditions and showing a dog being mauled by another as one of the dogs cries out in pain and agony.

According to the New York Post, Rasheed Richardson, 29, has been accused of animal fighting and conspiracy. In May 2017, police and animal rescue organizations searched the suspect’s Bronx home and found 11 caged dogs that had been kept in tight wooden kennels with small holes in the front so they could see the captive dogs next to them – a technique used to foster aggression, the criminal complaint stated. The dogs whined and cried – desperate to be freed. Another dog had been kept in a 55-gallon drum.

Manhattan Assistant US Attorney Stephanie Lake told the court Richardson exploited the dogs for sport, money and entertainment.

“The defendant wanted to buy a fighting dog, a fighting dog that made its opponent scream in pain, a dog that tore at another dog’s neck relentlessly. That is because the defendant is a dogfighter, a member of a dogfighting conspiracy,” stated Lake.

Richardson’s defense attorney told the jury there was nothing criminal how his client kept the dogs nor was he training the dogs to fight. None of the dogs had scars and no money was found. The ASPCA humanely euthanized five of the dogs because of their aggression – one of the dogs attacked an ASPCA employee.

If found guilty of all charges, Richardson faces a maximum of ten years in prison.

(Photo of dog shown in accused dogfighter trial screenshot via NY Post)

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9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    This scum should be in jail longer and never let out. That is the problem with our judicial system. When crimes like this occur, short sentences do nothing but only alone these evil creatures to come back and do it again and again. They have to be taken out of the normal population and imprisoned forever so that they can never do this again. Politicians, both parties, need to actually work together at the state and federal level so that these criminal dogfighters never are allowed to do this again.

  2. Red says:

    This jury better not let this low life, scum bucket off after seeing that video….. I do not care that no money was found and the dogs were not scarred…… they were aggressive and no dog is BORN aggressive….they are taught that, and beaten to become that way.
    I can not stand ANY low life, lousy excuse for a human is goes to, watches or participates in any form of dog fighting…..I hope they roast in hell.

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That BASTARD needs to be thrown into a ring and made to fight until he can’t fight anymore then thrown into another one so he can get his ass beaten more. He does NOT deserve to breathe air ever again!!! FRY HIM!!!

  4. ba says:

    OK WAIT! they are claiming nothing wrong with how he kept these poor dogs??? wooden box and oh wait a 55 GALLON DRUM oh ok moron theres nothing wrong there and its normal to keep animals in a drum!!!! WTF shame on you defending this BIG pile of feces….he tortured, mutilated, and killed innocent dogs!!!! 5 were slaughtered because of this pile of feces!!!! jail the F – all the $$$$ he made with there blood he needs to give it to all rescues that help these dogs..he will rot hell,,,its waiting!!!!! SHAME ON ANYONE DEFENDING THIS LOSER CREEP! waste of life!!!

  5. Betty says:

    The judge should of left them to us
    We would of rip him to f**king pieces
    Like he did to the poor pups
    and who end up wining in this
    Not the pups
    Their life end while this piece of shit still lives
    Rest In Peace Sweethearts


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