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Jacksonville K-9 shot and killed while pursuing carjacker

A Jacksonville K-9 officer was shot and killed on Sunday while pursuing an armed carjacker suspect in the city’s west side. K-9 Fang had been in pursuit of the male suspect when the man fired several shots at the police dog.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Fang’s handler, Officer Matt Herrera, was not injured. The shooting occurred near Interstate 10 and Commerce Center Parkway after police responded to an armed carjacker who stole a red four-door sedan. The victim was not injured.

As police closed in on the location of the suspect, the man abandoned the vehicle and ran into the woods Shots were fired as Fang chased the unnamed man – killing the K-9. Officers were able to apprehend the suspect without firing back.

“This morning, We mourn the loss of our K9 brother @JSOPIO. We pray for his partner and JSO family. He was shot and killed during a pursuit of an armed carjacker. The suspect was caught, but at a very heavy price. Thank you for your service, our four-legged hero,” the Florida Highway Patrol wrote on Twitter.

Police are investigating the crime as a homicide and a carjacking. In Florida, killing a police dog is a third degree felony punishable by a maximum of five years in prison.

“K-9 FANG played a vital roll keeping everyone safe at special events and football games. He has captured some of the most dangerous criminal in #JAX. We will miss you, FANG. You are gone but will not be forgotten.

End of Watch 09-30-2018”

Rest in peace FANG. You are a hero.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Rest in peace Hero K-9 Fang and condolences to your handler, family and fellow police officers, I know how much you will be missed. I am appalled that the maximum sentence for killing a police K-9 is only a “third degree felony punishable by a maximum of five years in prison” This POS will most likely see more jail time for the carjacking!

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Deserves the death penalty but should receive nothing less than life in prison …. and forever in HELL! This was a canine “Police Officer”!

    Run with the other angels, dear brave hero, Fang!

  3. Adrienne says:

    RIP K-9 Fang. May this scum be in jail for the rest of his miserable life. You were a police officer and deserve what your two legged partners would receive. The criminal must be in jail forever for killing a police officer. Run free K-9 Fang with your previous K-9 members.

  4. Sue says:

    And so, here we go again. Some folks are reasonably and justifiably bothered by the fact that the dogs (with no knowledge that they will be shot) are sent in to do what the officers themselves should be doing.

    But my objections go much deeper, and I know, despite the protests of one other commenter (who admits she doesn’t know, and is comfortable with what she doesn’t know), that the ways in which K9’s are treated behind the scenes makes their lives an ongoing hell.

    The dogs are inbred (or chosen) for high energy. Their “training,” which continues the entire time they are employed, consists of what the perpetrators like to call “hard corrections,” and includes sharp jerking and slow hanging to unconsciousness with choke and prong collars, kicking in the stomach and groin, “helicoptering,” and slamming to the ground. In addition, some departments use blunt objects and electro-shocking. These are the military and paramilitary STANDARD “training” protocols for K9’s.

    When the dogs are not in use (on the streets) or on the “training” field, the RULE also dictates that they be kept isolated in a kennel (usually in the handler’s back yard). That way, the dogs’ tormenters might also be regarded as their saviors, who come to relieve them of their pent up energy, boredom, and loneliness.

    On top of all this are all the lies constructed to protect this brutality. Before there was an animal advocacy movement, these atrocities were committed out in the open, with the knowledge that the only thing that would come of it was that the perpetrators could not only torture the dogs, but display their “power” in front of distraught citizens who could do nothing to stop them.

    I know this is going on all over the world, and I know the strategies employed to protect it. It’s the same sort of thing as the wall of lies vivisectors build to deny and/or justify what they are doing.

    Dog torturers don’t deserve my sympathy, and I won’t give them any.

  5. Kat says:

    Was K-9 Officer Fang wearing a protective vest like his fellow human officers? Would that have saved his life? All officers, whether human or K-9, should wear protective vests when on duty!

  6. Ann Dolak says:

    I would like to know what Body area Officer Fang was shot in & if he had a bullet proof vest on!Probably not on the latter!Why dont they use drones or robots instead of dogs these day? C’mon JSO get wth the program!!

  7. Ann Dolak says:

    Was OFFICER Fang provided a bp vest?Doubt it.Where on his body was he shot?Why doesnt JSO use drones or robots for pursuit instead of torturing dogs. Sick of this!!


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