Puppy in need of medical attention desperately needs help

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An ailing puppy, in need of medical attention, is desperately in need of help. The 10-month-old female puppy was taken in at the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services facility in Houston, Texas, on September 29.

The ailing pup

The puppy is suffering from an uncomfortable skin condition which needs to be treated. On Sunday, the Facebook page, Harris County Animal Shelter Pets In Need posted a video of the puppy and wrote:

UPDATE: STILL NOT SAFE!!! THEY NEED YOUR HELP! To ensure safety, this animal needs an adoption hold by 5:30 pm OR a rescue group to claim by 5:50 pm TUESDAY 10/2. This animal can be saved! ADOPT! FOSTER! Just takes one person to step up and say “YES!” I will help. Is that you?

Helping this puppy

Ways to help save:

-ADOPT- Adoption hours: M-F 1-5:30 pm, Sat & Sun 11-3:30 pm
Adoption Fees: $50 Dogs, $80 puppies, $20 cats, $35 kittens (includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, rabies and microchip) Seniors and Military ½ off adoption fee
TO ADOPT you must GO TO THE SHELTER: 612 Canino Road, Houston, TX 77076

-FOSTER- If you can open your home to temp foster (like dog sitting in your home) for 2 weeks please email shelter today: foster@phs.hctx.net (fosters for shelter must reside in City of Houston or Harris County)

-RESCUE- If you live elsewhere you can still foster for a local or out of state rescue. Rescues need a committed foster before they can pull.

When you foster, you help the shelter create more space in shelter which enables them to save more lives.


Petharbor link here.

Video taken Sunday

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5 replies
  1. Sue says:

    So, here’s the problem. The adoption fee covers vaccinations and microchipping (implanting a foreign object) and neutering, all of which are traditionally administered while the impounded animals are already in an immunocompromised stated. And while none of these should be done while an animal is in that condition, I’ve researched vaccines and microchipping, and don’t advocate those at all, if what you’re wanting is a healthy animal.

    I wish I could convey in just a few words how this works. I will try.

    1) Pharmaceutical industry starts out rich in the early 20th century – Rockefeller money, from petrochemicals, and he wanted to extend that into ‘medical practice’ – but Rockefeller would only use homeopathic medicine himself – AND, as it grows ever more powerful, it takes over industry, media, and governments.

    2) As soon as it has invaded everywhere, it uses it’s owned media to convince the public that it is the answer to everything. It also took over the medical schools early on (Rockefeller gave financial gifts to medical schools with certain “strings attached,” and followed that up by installing his representatives on their boards).

    Vaccinating seeds people and animals with ‘conditions’ that will have to be dealt with by doctors or veterinarians down the road – allergies, skin conditions, autoimmune diseases, blood disorders, digestive disorders, seizures, respiratory problems, cancer and leukemia, and so much more. Then, from the same camp that gave us the vaccines come the drugs, to handle symptoms of what the vaccines produced, and create other side effects of their own. And on and on it goes, until you’re working to pay mostly medical bills.

    The most common chronic symptoms include irritable bowel syndrome, liver and kidney problems, glandular changes, ear infections, parasite infestation, skin problems, tumors at the vaccination site, allergies and cancer.

  2. Laura says:

    Could be a vaccine reaction. Poor dog looks so depressed and miserable. Wonder if it’s a burning or itching condition, or both. I sure hope they didn’t pump more vaccines into that dog; dogs in ill health are said, even by the vaccine makers, to be in no condition to be vaccinated. But people are so conditioned to vaccinate that this is often ignored. I certainly hope someone good steps up to take him…wish he could be mine.


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