Havanese pup discovered lying alongside of her owner’s dead body for weeks

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On Wednesday, a pint-sized Havanese was rescued from an apartment in Budapest, Hungary after she was discovered lying alongside of her owner’s dead body who had died weeks before.


According to Reuters, the nine-year-old dog named ZsaZsa was severely dehydrated when found and has been brought to the rescue organization, Allatmento Liga. On their Facebook page, the heartbreaking circumstances were described:

“It was a tragedy day of. Had passed away in the apartment several weeks ago. His was still out of his master’s house, and he was in his room for a few weeks, and we were looking for a quick bath, and our doctor was waiting for us with a warm pillow and. It was very weak, at the end of dehydration :(it takes days to treat your little faithful. I don’t want to know why you had to wash the animal first, but then you read about how a 3-week corpse is in the condition and the dog on this bed will know it!!! (yes, it has already been said that it has not been cleaned First of all, the dog’s eyes were inflamed by the human remains!!! and the clothes were done in the dumpster.” (Translation)

In the apartment, there was some dry food for the dog to eat, but veterinarians stated she would have died in a few days if not having been found and rescued. It had been neighbors who notified police that the elderly woman who lived in the apartment had not been seen for weeks.

“The dog was lying next to the dead body, and was so weak that she could not stand up. We had to drag her away,” stated Gabor Pataki, the founder of the rescue group. “But yesterday she was on her feet again and even wagged her tail.”

ZsaZsa’s owner is thought to have died of natural causes.

It sounds as if ZsaZsa will be available for adoption when she completely recovers. We wish her a long and wonderful life. You’re a good girl ZsaZsa – faithful to the end.

(Photos of Havanese pup ZsaZsa via Facebook Allatmento Liga)

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8 replies
  1. Darla G says:

    Very sad. Thank God that rescuers found little ZsaZsa in time. What a good and faithful companion. I hope she can find a wonderful home for the rest of her years, until it’s her time to join her former owner in Heaven.

    One of my biggest fears – dying and no one finding my fur babies in time.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Dogs are so much better than humans when it comes to loyalty – ZsaZsa is a prime example of it. It is so sad that no one looked in on the owner and the only one who seemed to care was ZsaZsa – Thank God the rescuers showed up in time to save this little dog – hopefully, she will get a new, safe and loving home which she so well deserves.


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