Grizzly bears killed after hunter attacked

Grizzly kills hunter, then officials kill mother bear and her cub

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Two bears have been put down after a hunter was killed in Wyoming. According to Fox News, 37-year-old Mark Uptain was mauled by a grizzly bear on Friday – his client, Corey Chubon was also injured. The pair had been packing out a slain elk, north of Jackson Hole, when the attack took place. After the attack, the survivor told Click Orlando, “I’m just blessed and extremely grateful to have made it out of this situation alive.”

The bears

Chubon told the news agency that the bears were likely “coming to claim their food” when the attack happened. Uptain screamed at the bears, allowing Chubon to run and escape. One of the bears grabbed the hunting guide and dragged him into the woods – his body was found the next day.

Officials have stated that the behavior is unusual for a bear family. After the fatal attack, two bears, a mother and her cub, were trapped and killed. It is believed that the trapped and euthanized grizzles are the same bears responsible for Uptain’s death.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department spokeswoman Rebekah Fitzgerald stated, “All available evidence indicates that these two bears were the bears involved in the Terrace Mountain attack.”

The slain hunter

According to a GoFundMe account – the slain guide was a married father of five who had a passion for hunting.

(Image via Pixabay)

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16 replies
  1. Donna Gentilquore says:

    This Fucken people need to all be shot or mauled to death. I wish I were in that killing fields. I’ll shoot them myself. This world is so Fucken Up, & im getting pretty sick &. Tired of the cruelty & brutality in the name of Sport!! NOW THATS THE FAKE NEWS that Needs to. E out out there!!!! HUNTING HAS TO BE DEEMED ILLEGAL !!! ????????????????????????????????

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I know I should probably have some compassion for Mark Uptain but he chose to go hunting and this is what can happen. The Bears live there, they don’t know any better and I fail to see why all 3 of them needed to be “trapped and killed”! I am sorry for this man’s family but to kill wild animals that are just doing what wild animals do, does NOT sit right with me. I love the “All available evidence indicates that these two bears were the bears involved in the Terrace Mountain attack.”, really and what if they weren’t the right ones?

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    This “Guide” knew how protective a Momma Bear is of her Cub’s Just the Same as this Human Father is of his brood of five children!! This is the Forest, God Almighty that the Bear and her Cub live and eat and sleep in and Hunt!!! So who was encroaching ON WHO!!! Hunting has gotten out of Control Yet this is a Big Buck for the Bang business not necessarily a Sport anymore. Yellowstone and Teton are Shared with other States … and it seems like more and more the sporting groups are wanting to kill It is a sad situation !!! The mom bear was trying to protect her cub and they didn’t eat the guide. So neither had the taste of human to increase their desire to kill … and this guide was taking Big Buck’s for the hunt !!! Soooooooooo! who was wrong…

  4. Jacqueline says:

    It makes me sick when I read this stuff!! Hunting where there are bears then this happens and the innocent animals are slaughtered. WTF is wrong with our world

  5. Darla G says:

    I didn’t even click on the GoFundMe to see how many idiots contributed – I won’t be one of them. The POS guide knew the dangers of his “job” and I have no sympathy for him. I do, however, have great sympathy for the poor momma bear and cub. They were going after food – I don’t fault them.

  6. Stephen Phillips says:

    “the slain guide was a married father of five who had a passion for hunting”
    I’d surmise that mother bear had a passion for feeding and protecting her cub, too… a much more admirable passion, to be sure.
    Screw those “officials”, slaying them for acting in their natural manner, in their natural state… where WE are the intruders!

  7. Dalma Bugg says:

    Hunters are even more stupid than hikers, runners etc who go where the wild animals live. Humans don’t ntboike it when the wild ones encroach on our territory, why in the world should we expect them to welcome humans into theirs. Show a wild animal that you’re there to kill them or steal their food, and of course they will do what cmes naturally, self-preservation at whatever cost. These idiots were stealing the bears’ food for crying out loud. Yes, I’m sorry for the widow and children left behind, and for the bears, but not the hunters, they got what was coming for their actins.

  8. Laura says:

    Four lives (3 innocent) ended violently because 2 deranged yahoos had to go out and murder animals in nature. When all they had to do was eat some plant foods.

  9. Betty says:

    just blessed and extremely grateful to have made it out of this situation alive.??”
    The bastard should of died with his buddy
    That was her place and her babies
    Shame on them for killing them
    What a fuck up world this is.I’m with you Donna Gentilquore FUCKING kill them all

  10. Janet Hurst says:

    I wish she’d killed them both too. They encroached into HER TERRITORY and were taking food she needed for HER FAMILY so what did they expect? She can’t just pop into the nearest Walmart, or gas station, or whatever US citizens do for a quick meal! It’s all she knows, in her natural habitat & she was acting on instinct, then some egotistical arsewipe twerps of the so-called “superior species” – man – decide feeding THEIR families is more important and that’s where things start to go wrong. Then it’s compounded by more egotistical jobsworth arses deciding she needs teaching a lesson, like she’s gonna understand the link!!! Let’s face it, someone just wanted revenge, and that just shows how thick people are. Like the same stupid arses who went out killing sharks after a bridegroom was killed by one on his honeymoon! Yeah, tragic, but HE was in its territory, it didn’t walk up the beach to attack him!! And the twerps down under who went out killing Stingrays after one killed Steve Irwin! Again, he knew the risks as he was in THEIR territory! I have NO sympathy whatsoever for the guy who died nor his injured mate. All I have is contempt, disgust and hatred for the shallow, weak, ugly examples of useless human beings that sought to murder that beautiful bear & her cub. Shame on you. I hope you’ve no offspring, because your misplaced judgement means you’re not fit to teach them anything worth knowing.


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