Dying dog couldn't be saved

Rescue fought to save horribly neglected, dying dog – but he was too far gone

When volunteers saw a horribly neglected, dying dog being carried into Chicago Animal Care and Control by his owner, they rushed to see if they could help. The dog was lifeless in a basket – eyes rolling back in his head and a huge, rusty logging chain locked around his neck.

The rescue recounts what happened

On Monday night, Fetching Tails Foundation recounted the moment that its volunteers approached the woman carrying the basket:

We weren’t sure what was in it so we stopped her to ask. We then saw a dog who was in horrible shape. His eyes were rolling to the back of his head, he was skin and bones and soaking wet. You can never prepare yourself enough when you’re at the shelter or running a CRISP shift, but this was one of the most extreme cruelty cases we have ever seen.

A rushed trip to the veterinarian

The dog, named Hannibal (changed by volunteers to Chance) was rushed to a veterinarian. The rescue group wrote:

We took one look at him and knew we had to act fast and get him to the ER vet. But first we had to get bolt cutters to remove that chain because there was no way under our watch he was going out with that around his neck. Our volunteers Jaci & Nichole got in their car and drove him to Premier Veterinary Group of Chicago and talked to him and sat beside him comforting him.

The damage was done

The veterinarian tried everything to save Chance, but the long-term neglect had taken its deadly toll. The non-profit explained:

The vet tried everything but he had multiple seizures and his blood sugar, sodium and blood pressure were all out of whack. His skin had a yellow-tinged coat with dried urine all over it, he had abrasions on his paws and limbs, and as the vet noted he was emaciated with severe muscle wasting.

We can’t even imagine the 2 years this dog spent suffering but we know his last hours were spent as a Fetching Tails Foundation dog, which means we did everything possible to give him that fighting chance, but he was heartbreakingly too far gone.

See something, say something

This dog was not living on the end of his chain – he was existing. He was suffering. He was forgotten. If you see an animal being abused or neglected, please reach out for help. As for this dog’s owner, she is going to be facing animal cruelty charges.

Rest in peace Chance. You deserved so much more than you ever received.

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Dog deliriously happy after being freed from chain

Dog so grateful after being freed from a chain