Dogs starved

Two people in Ohio charged for starving and abandoning dogs

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Two people in Ohio are facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly starving and abandoning dogs. According to Fox 10 News, two skeletal dogs were found abandoned at a house on Washington Avenue in Lorain – by the time the dogs were found, they were near death.

We’re live at the Lorain Animal Clinic with Officer Broz who rescued two extremely emaciated dogs from a yard yesterday morning. Let’s check in on their conditions.

Posted by WKYC Channel 3 – Cleveland on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The people accused of cruelty

Amanda Pippens, 34, and Ellison Morris, 36, are believed to be responsible for starving the dogs. The pair had been evicted from the residence and apparently left the dogs behind to die.

One of the dogs was ultimately not able to survive because the starvation was so severe.  According to Dr. Thomas Wood of the Lorain Animal Clinic, the dogs were so thin that they may have been deprived of food for “months.”

The surviving dog is recuperating and is expected to make a full recovery.

The charges

The pair are facing charges for misdemeanor abandoning animals and felony cruelty to companion animals (the felony stems from the one dog’s death).

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11 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    I would Say these ARE “BLACK LIVES MATTER INDIVIDUAL”S” from the appearance !!! I Say These Putrid Assholes >>> Need to be Starved to the BRINK of DEATH!!! and maybe one of them even Dies!!! Wouldn’t this be fair… Look at the horrific DEATH one of these poor animals SUFFERED and the other poor Pup Suffered something horrific too. & these “ETHNIC” NO ACCOUNTS DELIBERTLY DID THIS … HOW ABOUT A LITTLE ACCOUNTABILITY HERE !!!! BULLSHIT!!! WITH THE TOUCHY < FEELINGS and sparing them and DISCOMFORT!!! THEY DESERVE HOT TAR AND FEATHER"S!!!

  2. Gloria Rivera says:

    Why are people so evil. They could just let them go & fend foe themselves. They stand a better chance from good people out there. ????????

  3. Dalma Bugg says:

    Misdemeanour? School kids get detention for that. Call a spade a spade – a felony aka crime deserves harsh punishment and also justice for the victims. So, murder and attempted murder, torture by deprivation of adequate nourishment and fluids as well as deprivation of liberty. When you throw the book, throw it hard.
    Police Officers often get a bad rap for their treatment of animals, let’s give this investigating Officer a huge thanks for his caring for these precious dogs.

  4. Patty Wincek says:

    You all missed the statement, “and felony cruelty to companion animals (the felony stems from the one dog’s death).” They have been charged with a felony.


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