Dog left chained to tree in rising tide water rescued by deputy

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When a dog was left chained to a tree in Skidmore, Texas in rising tide water, a deputy from the Bee County Sheriff’s Department rushed out to rescue the pooch. According to the sheriff’s department’s Facebook page, the pit bull mix was almost submerged by the water and was rescued just in time.

“If you have outside pets, please remember they too can fall victims to drowning in heavy rains. A Deputy was called to a location in Skidmore where a pit bull mix was chained to a tree and almost submerged by water.

The Deputy was able to approach and unleash the dog and take him to safety. No contact has been made with the owner at this time. The State of Texas has Animal Cruelty Laws in place and if you fail to abide by them, you can face prosecution.”

The officers shared the photos of the dog’s plight on their Facebook page as a reminder to pet owners their pets could drown outdoors if the proper precautions aren’t taken when it rains.

The owner of the chained dog had not been contacted at the time of the pooch’s rescue, but come on – how irresponsible was that owner?

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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Brainless owner who should never get this dog back or have any other animals. No caring for animals in general I imagine.How people become like this, I will never understand. Why have a dog/cat if you can’t fully take care of it.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Dog DESERVES MUCH BETTER that THE PUKES that are his Family!!! They would probably chain their Child out there to drown TOO!! Very kind and responsible Police Officer to save the little guy!!! Hopefully a home will be found and the dog isn’t euthanized after the trauma he has gone thru!!!

  3. Julie Enos says:

    Even though these people are told ahead of time not to do it they do it anyway. Even though they have the HSI and Shelters there doing rescue they still don’t get there animals to the rescue. You can’t teach Stupid


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