Florida man arrested for being drunk didn’t tell deputies his dogs were in his car

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In Bay County, Florida, a man was arrested on disorderly conduct charges for being drunk in public, but didn’t tell deputies he left his three small dogs in his vehicle parked a half-mile away. On Tuesday, he was arrested again  and charged with  felony animal cruelty.

On Sunday, Jason Reece, 39, was arrested by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office for being intoxicated, according to MyPanhandleNews. He was released Monday on bail and had previously told officers he didn’t remember where he left his vehicle.

On Tuesday, Reece’s wife called the sheriff’s office asking about the vehicle and their three small dogs who had been with Reece. After deputies found the van, two of the dogs were dead; one dog was still alive. Reece told authorities he forgot to mention he had left the dogs in his van. The surviving dog has been turned over to Animal Control. No updates have been provided.

Rest in peace little ones.

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11 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    And WHY did the wife wait until Tuesday to find out about the vehicle and dogs? I would have been hounding the police for the where a bouts of my pets as soon as my POS husband had been arrested! Those poor dogs, there is no excuse for this, they are all responsible (Jason Reece, his wife and the Sheriff’s Department) for the needless deaths of these poor dogs!

  2. Adrienne says:

    What an f’ing drunk. Get help before you get in your car and kill someone. You’ve already killed 2 of your 3 small dogs and how they must have suffered. Why have the dogs with you and then leave them in a hot car with no air or water. Hope he gets a dog loving judge. People still do not understand or comprehend what can happen to a pet in the car. Has anyone ever been in a hot car with the windows closed? Now his wife has lost all 3 dogs-2 died in the car and one was taken from their home.

  3. Deborah Dearmore says:

    What kind of inconsiderate sob is this man? He needs to be taken out and beat the Holy crap out of him. Then be put in prison for along time…

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS BASTARD is a WASTE of the O2 he is breathing… It would be a Community SERVICE to eliminate his access to anymore H20 and 02… He needs to go BY!BY!! Before he kills more little animals, a family out driving on the same road his drunken Skunk is sharing with them, small children out playing or elders walking in the area… His wife is about his level for Christ Sake where the HELL did this BIMBO think her little dogs were… IN Jail with her No account Husband … UGG!!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You nailed it pennydachshunds! This alcoholic loser needs a date w/an 18 wheeler – it would be a community service to see him splattered all over the highway. As for his idiot wife, I have no problem w/her being in the car when the 18 wheeler does its duty. She sat on her butt and did nothing to find these innocent dogs – two useless wastes of space.

  5. Red says:

    I swear people never ceased to disappoint and hurt me….. how do you NOT remember you have pets in your vehicle!?!?


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