Blind man’s service dog kicked out of South Carolina restaurant

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In Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina, a blind man accompanied by his service dog who provides invaluable aid was told his dog could not stay in the restaurant and must remain outside.

According to WyffNews, Pedro Camarena walked into the Wok Inn on Tuesday morning with his 75-pound Labrador retriever guide dog, Freddie G, and the owner told him to tie his dog outside. Pedro and Freddie G became companions three years ago when matched together at Southeastern Guide Dogs, and the blind man nor his dog had ever been denied access to a private business.

The owner of the business, Mei Chen, told news media she was afraid the dog would jump on the open buffet table and was not aware, that by law, Freddie G was allowed in the restaurant under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Pedro told Chen the dog was a service dog, but she allegedly told him he could tie the dog outside and watch him from the window.

Camarena was insulted that he be required to leave the dog that he depends on for his eye sight tied up outdoors. When another customer explained to Chen about the ADA law, she stated she went outside and invited the dog in, but Camrena says that never happened. He is filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

(Photo and video screenshot WyffNews)

Check out the video.

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  1. Stupid bitch owner….she tells a BLIND man he can WATCH his dog from the window?? WTF? I don’t believe for a second that she didn’t know the law. She chose to ignore it because she didn’t want the dog inside.

  2. I loved the part about “watching the dog from the window”. How does a blind man do that? I would not be frequenting that restaurant if I were him. There needs to be more done than just filing a report with the Better Business Bureau! I would say a boycott is necessary!

  3. Hey Mei Chen, go back to the country you came from. We don’t treat BLIND human beings like a mangy animal. He ought to sue your ass out of business, it’s YOUR responsibility to know the laws here, NOT ours.

    • A mangy animal? You mean that it’s OK to mistreat mangy animals? Because that’s what the statement appears to convey.

  4. I would have gone out of that place when my dog had to be tied up outside. These restaurant owners need to know the laws regarding service pets and where they can be with their owner. Yes, there are many people who use the service dog issue just so they can keep the dog with them, but this guy is blind and needs that dog at all times where ever he goes. I find it hard to believe the woman did not know and as for going outside to retrieve the dog, she is obviously lying since the blind man said that never happened.

  5. Are you telling me that in the time this restaurant has been open Mr. Camarena was the first disabled person with a service dog ever to enter his restaurant?

    Highly doubtful!

    I’ve worked part time in restaurants and full time in retail stores, as well as in other jobs in the public, and I can’t believe that someone never walked in with a service dog! This would be the only restaurant in the country that’s probably happened to.

    Funny thing is, we had this law in Virginia LONG BEFORE it was a federal law! There was absolutely no problem! Why is it that these idiots still refuse to get with the program? This has been a federal law on the books since GEORGE H. W. BUSH. was President over 25 years ago!!!!!! It’s inexcusable!

  6. Hell the Asian’s age delighted to EAT our Canine Friends !!!! CHOMP ! CHOMP! maybe this Gentleman and His Companion Dog are lucky they left as he Companion Dog could have disappeared from the front tied up and ended up a BLUE PLATE SPECIAL!!! How the Hell did this “NITWITS “even get a license to open an Eating Establishment is BEYOND ME!!

  7. Me and my girlfriend were asked to leave a North Carolina breakfast restaurant with a service dogs and when we went to another restaurant we were told she does it all the time and she has had no repeatrepercussions for it

  8. Me and my girlfriend and I are service dogs were asked to leave a restaurant in North Carolina and we were told by another restaurant owner that she does it all the time and has had no repercussions for it

  9. Right! The blind man can watch his “seeing eye” dog out the window. What a moron. I’m glad an observer to the scene stepped up and informed the stupid eatery owner about the law standard. I’m amazed the dog was actually put out. I would not have eaten there if I was the blind person.

  10. If you are going to own a business you best know the laws – how did this idiot owner expect a blind man to watch his dog that she insisted be left outside???? Sounds like she is too damn stupid to be in business anywhere. Service dogs are allowed everywhere and this idiot owner needs to learn American laws – this ain’t China – we care about our animals. I hope Mr. Camarena is successful in his complaint to the Better Business Bureau – the owner needs a heft fine and some instruction on service animals. What if Mr. Camarena had fallen and injured himself? Then Mei Chen would be facing a hefty lawsuit.


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