Husky unable to walk lived her life caged in chicken wire found in Redlands

In Southwest Miami-Dade, Florida  an injured white husky, unable to walk, was found on Sunday in a very small cage made of chicken wire. No one was sure how long the dog had been abandoned on the side of a dirt road, but her rescuers said the dog was extremely thirsty and very sweet.


Georgina Milhet had been on a horseback ride in the Redlands, with her nephews when she found the husky in the cage. When she opened the cage, the female dog crawled out, but a horrifying discovery was made at that same moment. The dog couldn’t walk and it appeared as if all of her legs had been broken at one time and had healed without having ever being medically repaired.


According to Redlands, FL The Abandoned DOGS Project, the dog’s elbows were full of lacerations where she used them to help her crawl and her nails had grown into the pads of her feet. Milhet’s nephew, Michael Gutierrez, carried the husky on horseback back to their ranch and called a rescue group for help.

The husky, now named Lucky, was taken to GTS Husky Rescue in Jupiter, where she will receive the help she needs. Veterinarians report this as one of the worst cases of animal abuse they have ever seen. Her legs and feet grew like that because she had been confined to the small cage for an extended period of time; likely all of her life. A chicken cage, where she was unable to move, was her personal prison.

Medical tests and X-rays reveal the dog has an infection, liver issues and punctures all over her body. She will need surgery in the future.

“Lucky has been see by our veterinary specialists and has puncture wounds covering her entire body and has been believed to have kept in a cage her entire life forcing her arms and legs to become deformed.

She is need of serious help and needs your donations and support on her road to recovery,” posted GTS Husky Rescue.

Online donations for the dog’s care can be made at GTS Husky Rescue’s website.

Check out her videos:

Posted by Cindy Muniz Cooley Rapoport on Monday, June 4, 2018


Reach out to the names below and respectfully ask for an investigation into this egregious animal abuse. Where did Lucky come from, and who mistreated her this way? Doesn’t Lucky deserve justice?

Time for a writing campaign:

(Photos and video courtesy of Georgina Milhet and Cindy Muniz Cooley)

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