Dog barely escaped with his life after leg caught in steel trap for days

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In Albuquerque, New Mexico, banning animal trapping has been a hotly debated issue and has once again been renewed after a dog barely escaped with his life after his leg was caught in a steel trap for days before he was found and rescued.

According to Argos A Shelter Dog Rescue, a Valencia County animal control officer discovered the dog that had likely been trapped and in excruciating pain for days. He had tried to chew his leg off to escape. At first, the dog’s prognosis looked grim; the rescuers named him Kekoa -which means “strength of a warrior” in Hawaiian.

“Kekoa (Courageous One) suffered multiple compound fractures, massive bite wounds, and complete ligament tears. His wounds are deeply infected. In order to save Kekoa’s life we had no choice but to amputate his leg. Kekoa is in critical but stable condition.

This sweet boy has suffered horrific injuries. He has bite wounds to both sides of his face, neck, stomach, and all extremities. He was attacked by wild animals while he helplessly lingered in the leg hold trap for days. The pictures are shocking and graphic and we won’t be posting them to social media… With time, love, and continued medical care, we are hopeful that Kekoa will make a full recovery……

Check out Kekoa’s recovery progress:

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According to Trap Free New Mexico, whose mission is to to enact a legal  ban on traps, snares, and poisons on public lands to protect public safety and native wildlife, current law states a steel trap must be 25 feet or more from a trail and checked every day. Only minor modifications from the New Mexico Game and Fish Commission have been suggested; include increasing the setbacks to 50 feet. In the past, state legislators have tried to ban the inhumane traps too often involving both domestic and wild animals, but the traps have still remained legal.

In another significant heartbreaking ordeal, a dog named Kuma had been with his owner. Kuma was let out for a bathroom run at a popular pullout. Kuma struggled to return to the truck as a conibear trap was strangling him. Kuma died in his owner’s arms after a significant amount of suffering. The dog was only two-years-old; his owner is now suing. 

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Kekoa needs a skilled foster parent to help him. His owner has never returned to claim him.

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Traps should not be anywhere near “populated areas” to prevent precisely these types of horrors…….

    These traps are cruel in nature (& can’t discriminate against “target” animals and “innocent” animals)…….

    Traps like these should be banned!!!!!!!

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Trappers ARE SOME of The MOST BARBARIC INHUMANE EVIL VERMIN on EARTH… HE WAS so unethical he left his traps set for days without checking on THEM… WE have one that lives Not far FROM us and HIS ANIMAL”S ARE treated almost as bad as those he traps… our Country Sheriff ‘s Department won’t even go when the Neighbors call on his Crap… Sad to Say…Why because it is ongoing and they don’t want to deal with him .

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Deep prayers and many blessings to you, dear sweet Kekoa! Also, for justice for beloved Kuma! Hunters should be hunted, and trappers should be trapped!


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