Animal Coalition Unlimited holding Christmas raffle and auction fundraiser

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A rescue group in Oregon is planning an online Christmas raffle and auction to help defray the costs of the dogs currently in their care. Animal Coalition Unlimited believes that every dog deserves a second chance at a good life.

In November 2016, a pregnant female dog  was found abandoned in a hospital parking lot in Stockton, California. The dog, who was roughly eleven months old at the time, was emaciated and full of worms and fleas. She was picked up and placed in boarding for three weeks. Unfortunately, no California rescues came forward to take her in, so the next stop would’ve been the local animal shelter. The pregnant dog would have most likely been killed due to a high intake of pit bulls.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan intervened, and the dog was sent to Portland, Oregon to the Animal Coalition Unlimited. The dog was named PeeDee, and on December 22,2016, two days before Christmas Eve, PeeDee gave birth to ten puppies.

Fast forward to 2018. The puppies are now almost two years old and all but one are still in the care of Animal Coalition Unlimited. Some are in foster care, some are in boarding. PeeDee herself is still in foster care. All are waiting for their forever homes.

Animal Coalition Unlimited could have given up on PeeDee, knowing she was pregnant and not wanting the responsibility of a mother dog or her puppies, or they could’ve aborted the puppies. But they didn’t. They wanted to make sure PeeDee and her pups were given every opportunity to live healthy, happy lives.

Unfortunately, this dedication and compassion can be quite costly and Animal Coalition Unlimited is still financially responsible for PeeDee and her nine pups.

PeeDee’s pups’ story is like so many other Christmas puppies.

PeeDee with one of her pups January 2017.They were the Christmas puppies that everyone adored. Their photogenic poses in front of the camera, quickly grabbed people’s attention and they had found their Foster to Adopt homes at ages of 9-12 weeks old.Their futures looked promising at that time, However, by late summer 2017, things began to unravel rapidly.  The pups were involved in arguments with other dogs in the household and one by one, the Christmas puppies whom everyone loved got booted out of the homes they thought would be their forever homes.

That is the sad reality of many Christmas puppies and the story of many shelter dogs all over the country. They are loved and cared for when they are young, cute and cuddly but once they get older and start to develop behaviors that need correcting, no one wants them.

Since Christmas is easily the most beautiful and magical times of the year. A time for acts of selflessness, generosity and caring, Animal Coalition Unlimited is conducting a Facebook raffle and auction between now and December 22, 2018 to generate funds for the continued care of PeeDee and the nine dogs.

To participate in the auction, go to:

For the Twelve Days of Giving Raffle go here:  Raffle

If you are not interested in the auction or raffle but still want to help, there are two other ways you can give to the Animal Coalition Unlimited:

Their Amazon Wish List:

Or donating funds directly to them:

This fundraiser is a very important tool for the Coalition to continue to care and do what they do for unwanted dogs.

Interested parties who reside in Oregon, California, or Washington state who are interested in adopting PeeDee or any of her offspring can send inquiries to

If it weren’t for Animal Coalition Unlimited’s commitment to protecting the well being of PeeDee and her Christmas puppies, they would have become another statistic at the local county shelter.

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