Couple in Malaysia videoed forcing poodle to walk only on hind legs

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Another video of a dog being abused has gone viral- this time in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. A couple were seen forcing their small French poodle to walk on its hind legs at a shopping mall; the man was seen kicking the dog to stand on its back legs.

On his Facebook page, Deepan Kumar shared the disturbing situation using a video as proof:

” thought I had seen a wide range of the worst humanity has to offer until right about 10 minutes ago. Sunway Pyramid, H&M entrance, 20:09, 9th June 2018.

I AM UNCONTROLLABLY LIVID. It’s one thing to train a dog, it’s a whole other f***ing thing to train it for public entertainment through literal torture (read: KICKING THE DOG AND CANING THE DOG). The dog had been walking up and down the walkway for so long, it kept falling back to its 4 feet out of painful fatigue but EVERYTIME the dog kept falling back, this repulsive excuse of a woman kept shouting and caning the dog to continue standing on two feet to amuse people.


The dog, whose coat had been dyed red, was dressed in a costume. The two-minute video showed the poodle entering the store and “entertaining” the audience of shoppers standing on its back legs. Social media erupted into angry criticism towards the couple with many people promising to contact animal welfare associations for animal abuse.

Veterinarians agree that making dogs walk on their hind legs and in such an unnatural position can affect their joints which can lead to muscle and joint disease.

The video can be watched here. Be advised the video is graphic and shows violence against an innocent little dog. Viewing may not be suitable for everyone.

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8 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    oh my gosh! this poor dog. The pain must be so horrible. what is wrong with these ignorant and self centered people.??????

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hope someone called the police and took this poor pup away from this evil, cretin of a human. Then cane this woman and the man with her and throw then in jail. Place this pup in a loving home far away from scum like this.

  3. slv says:

    Could someone please find this idiots and get that poor dog away from them. Buy the dog, I”m sure plenty of
    us are willing to chip in to get the dog into a safe home.

  4. Sue says:

    Does anyone know who these people are? Did the person who submitted the video follow them? Get a license plate number? A home address?

  5. Jo says:

    Let’s see. Make those two basturds stand on their front arms and when they bring their legs down, kick them in the face and cane as well!!! Oh and let the pup have their leashes and a human to dole out the kicks in face and caning them when they didn’t perform!!

  6. Red says:

    I can not even muster up a word that will show how much HATE and CONTEMPT I have for anyone who abuses animals. They are nothing but monster bullies. They can’t pick on people….they fight back. So they abuse animals and it makes them feel tough. YOU ARE SICK PERVERTED MONSTERS….dogs are NOT for entertaining you, or making you money. They are to be a companion and a friend… member. May Karma find you and your wife and kick your ugly a** from her to yon!


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