California man tries to kill spider with blowtorch but sets apartment on fire

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A man from Redding, California, trying to kill a large wolf spider in his apartment with a small blowtorch, really messed up when he accidentally set his home on fire. According to Fox13News, the man set the spider on fire, but the flaming arachnid scurried away into the bedroom and hid inside  the mattress. It didn’t take long before the other items in the room caught fire. As the nearby curtains caught fire, the man tried his best to snuff out the flames.

The residents pulled out a garden hose to extinguish the fire and waited for the fire department to arrive. No one was injured, but the apartment was left heavily damaged.

The cost to kill a spider? Firefighters estimate the damage to the apartment at $14,000 even though the damage wasn’t a total loss. The residents have been forced to move out. Fortunately none of the neighboring apartments were damaged.

The fate of the spider remains unknown, but is believed to have perished in the flames.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I guess this brainiac is getting evicted soon……

    What about herding the spider into a large drinking glass (with a folded paper) & releasing it outside!???


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