Judge refuses to sign warrant in viral video of dogs hurled by leash

In East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, the juvenile allegedly responsible for hurling two leashed dogs through the air and onto the street has not been arrested.  A juvenile court judge refused to sign the warrant on Wedneday  to arrest the teen. According to WafbNews, Juvenile Court Judge Pamela Johnson made the decision and went home early due to illness.

The graphic video went viral on Saturday night and calls for justice poured into the office of Iberville Parish Sheriff  Brett Stassi who launched the investigation into animal cruelty and then turned the information over to East Baton Rouge Parish authorities where the crime is said to have occurred.  The Instagram video, first shared publicly came from the account of  cammrawwazz – the account has since deleted.

Although the juvenile’s face is clearly visible in the video, it is not known why the judge made the decision.

“A warrant was put together with the evidence including the video, statements from other witnesses, and a positive ID of the juvenile defendant by the family and other witnesses,” stated Sheriff Stassi. “… the information was brought to a judge in Baton rouge and, at this time she refused to sign the warrant where we could bring this young man to justice.”

District Attorny Hillar Moore has not been able to make any statements explaining the decision since the person is a juvenile.

The two dogs have been found. According to WAFB News, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office deputies canvassing the Gardere area found the two dogs and their owner; the dogs are reported to be in good health.

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