Brave man strips to underwear to rescue dog trapped in freezing water

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A brave man in Sortavala, Russia stripped to his underwear and rushed out to rescue a dog trapped in the freezing water on Friday. The unnamed man, who had been walking with his child, deftly walked across the perilous icy body of water after spotting the dog that had fallen through the ice.

According to the Daily Mail, the dog had been struggling to get out of the freezing water and back onto the ice, but was having no luck and looked as though he was exhausted. That’s when the man stripped to his underwear and bare feet and then carefully crawled on his knees to where the dog struggled until he could pull the animal to safety. A crowd of people watched the man brave the weather to save the dog and clapped.

Amazingly, after the rescue, the dog wagged his tail, shook off the water from his thick coat and seemed to be fine. The outside temperature that day registered at 12-degrees Fahrenheit.

And another hero has emerged. Thank you for helping.

(Photo of hero pulls dog out of freezing water via freeze shot video)

Check it out:

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This man is what a REAL man does – steps up in a dire situation. THANK YOU unnamed man who saved a life – that makes you a HERO!


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