Owners surrendered 13 year old senior dog to busy shelter

At 13-years of age, Rascal’s family surrendered him to a busy shelter

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At 13 years of age, firmly in the twilight of his life, a dog named Rascal was surrendered to a busy California animal shelter. Now Rascal, a Labrador retriever mix, is waiting to be noticed at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

Why was this handsome senior dog surrendered?

Rascal’s family surrendered him because they no longer wanted the responsibility of a pet. His family simply did not want him anymore, and now his life is danger because he is one of hundreds of unwanted pets waiting to be adopted or rescued.

Information about Rascal

United Hope for Animals has provided some information about Rascal:

Rascal charmed our volunteers with his happy, easy-going disposition. He savors human attention and is so glad just to sit by your side. He walks well on leash, seems to be housebroken, and is relaxed around other dogs. Rascal seems to have some arthritis in his back end and has a hernia. Given his age, it is unlikely the hernia needs any treatment, but his adopter should take him to the vet for a senior wellness exam to make sure he’s feeling his best. Rascal is a gentle, loving dog who will be a fantastic addition to any loving home. 

Helping Rascal

You can help this old boy find a new family by networking this article, with his adoption information. Please take a moment to share this article on your social networking sites (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) to help give Rascal life-saving visibility. Somewhere out there his angel is waiting.

Petharbor link for Rascal here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
Ask for information about animal ID number A3414643

For more information on this pet, contact volunteer UHA adoption coordinator Kristin at 626-393-6258 or kristin@hope4animals.org.

Video of surrendered senior dog

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10 replies
  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    Please!!!! Someone adopt or Foster this sweet old man! I most definitely would but I’m in Massachusettes and know a cross country transport is not in his best interest ????????????????????????

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hope the family that dumped him rot in hell. They should never be allowed to own another living being.Bet they would give their children up if they could. There should be marks against people who dump their dogs especially elderly ones and their names on a list for all shelters to see that they dumped their dog(s) so they can never adopt another one.

  3. Luana Duncan says:

    Poor poor Rascal! U are such a beauty!! You will b in my prayers!! I will hope an pray someone will come forward an adopt/ rescue u! I’m so sorry ur previous owners let u down!!


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