Anguished owner rams his car into dog killer after finding his pet dying

An anguished owner who discovered his beloved dog dying in his front yard in a Chinese city after a suspected dog killer shot the dog with a poison dart and fled, climbed into his car to chase the culprit who had taken off on his motor bike. Moments later the distraught owner rammed the assailant into a pillar through a brick wall of a shop; killing the man at the scene. The disturbing situation occurred in Yangzhou in Jiangsu province.

Security footage showed the man on his scooter entering the dog owner’s yard and shooting the dog with a dart. The dog whined and cried – alerting the dog owner who rushed out only to see his dog paralyzed on the ground dying. In December, police discovered hundreds of dead dogs killed by poison syringes in cold storage. The syringes contained a muscle relaxer capable of killing even large dogs quickly. The men had frozen the meat and planned to sell it in China and other Asian countries. Eight men were arrested after authorities confiscated more than 200,000 poisoned syringes. The Telegraph reported the dog meat was to be sold to restaurants.

The dog owner’s family claims the man was so devastated after finding his dog dying that he became confused with the pedals and accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brakes at the moment of impact.

(Photos of anguished owner accused of manslaughter via Metro New screenshots)

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(Photos of man blasted by critics for leaving dog on mountain to die via screenshots from Deadline News and Facebook)

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