Anguished owner rams his car into dog killer after finding his pet dying

Pics shows: A dart used by the suspect; A furious man chasing a dog thief who had killed his family pet slammed the suspect through a brick wall using his car. The pet owner has now been detained on manslaughter charges after the would-be thief, who killed half a dozen dogs with poisoned darts, died of his injuries following the crash. The incident happened in Yangzhou City in China’s easter Jiangsu Province and has been the subject of heated public debates online, where footage of the chase has been viewed nearly 10 million times and liked over 10,000 times too. The security tape footage shows the suspect on a scooter shooting dead the man’s dog using the poison dart gun, riding away with the intention of returning to "collect" the corpse a few minutes later. However, the pooch’s death throes were heard by its owner, who rushes over to find it paralysed and likely already dead. He furiously gives chase, with another CCTV clip showing the dog owner having rammed the thief’s scooter, pushing it through a pillar and then into the brick wall of the shop. Yangzhou City police investigating the incident said the suspected dognapper died at the scene, with the pet owner being questioning over the man’s death. The driver’s family claimed he muddled up the pedals beneath his feet and did not intend on ramming the thief’s scooter. A female relative of the deceased was quoted as saying: "Even if we were in the wrong, that does not give you the right to be judge, jury and executioner."
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An anguished owner who discovered his beloved dog dying in his front yard in a Chinese city after a suspected dog killer shot the dog with a poison dart and fled, climbed into his car to chase the culprit who had taken off on his motor bike. Moments later the distraught owner rammed the assailant into a pillar through a brick wall of a shop; killing the man at the scene. The disturbing situation occurred in Yangzhou in Jiangsu province.

Security footage showed the man on his scooter entering the dog owner’s yard and shooting the dog with a dart. The dog whined and cried – alerting the dog owner who rushed out only to see his dog paralyzed on the ground dying. In December, police discovered hundreds of dead dogs killed by poison syringes in cold storage. The syringes contained a muscle relaxer capable of killing even large dogs quickly. The men had frozen the meat and planned to sell it in China and other Asian countries. Eight men were arrested after authorities confiscated more than 200,000 poisoned syringes. The Telegraph reported the dog meat was to be sold to restaurants.

The dog owner’s family claims the man was so devastated after finding his dog dying that he became confused with the pedals and accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brakes at the moment of impact.

(Photos of anguished owner accused of manslaughter via Metro New screenshots)

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(Photos of man blasted by critics for leaving dog on mountain to die via screenshots from Deadline News and Facebook)

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  1. WTG! Justice was done without all the mess of a court trial and probably just a slap on the wrist for the dog killer! KARMA!

    • I agree. NO tears shed for the POS dog killer (who is now enjoying his eternal reward of burning in Hell forever for his cruelty)…… my condolences to the hero and his family for the loss of their treasured furbaby???????????? I hope no charges are filed because this man did what ALL animal lovers would have done in the same situation: NO mercy for an animal murderer who is killing and stealing family pets to be served in restaurants…….

  2. I don’t blame him for what he did! I would have been angry enough to do the same thing.

    The only things I’m sorry about are that: the bastard wasn’t stopped either BEFORE he killed one, or after his first victim; the man couldn’t have prevented the SOB from killing his dog; and that the man didn’t get away scot free after he killed that miserable piece of filth, because he did dog owners and the rest of the world a favor.

  3. Whatever the reason he gave for slamming into the scum who shot his dog dead with the syringe, deserves what he got and one more dog killing/stealing thing is off the streets permanently. Sick people and froze dogs to sell to restaurants. Beyond comprehension what they still do to dogs in China.

  4. I would have gotten confused and stomped on the gas too! This is so disgusting and sick. What is wrong with this entire country?? Eating dogs?? He got exactly what he deserved. ????????????

  5. Hurray!!! Yes I “am sure this anguished was so distraught he really did accidently step on the gas”!!! He should be EXORNATED by a jury of his peers!!! for ridding the world of the VERMAN who shot the dart and killed this bereaved man’s precious pet!!!!

  6. Please, no charges on the dog owner. That would be insulting after injury. The felon entered owners yard and killed his family member. I can see how his excitement, anguish, and despair had him confused enough to step on the wrong pedal. The owner did a huge favor as there were 8 arrests and the disclosure of a ring of felons who had killed hundreds, if not more of family pets by poison darts. Hooray for the owner.

  7. Good for that dog owner! Those evil bastards need to die no remorse here. I would do the same myself low life losers.

  8. If China would strengthen and enforce their animal welfare laws, the dog meat trade would be gone as well as these thieves who torture dogs before killing them. In the dog meat trade these dogs are purposely skinned, boiled and burned while still alive because they believe a tortured dog is more tasty and makes men viral. we have to fight. This man who did this stopped a criminal. His family member was murdered and he had a right to stop him. The police are at fault because they too kill dogs to show their power. Remember Goldie, the dog beaten to death because some liar said he bit him. Stand in support of this grieving man who lost his best friend.

  9. God forgive me but I’m NOT sorry for that POS. He deserves it! I’d do the thing. I think it’s pretty obvious that everyone who’s commenting feels the same way. I know I’d be confused, DEFINITELY​ beyond upset & pissed. I’d offer no apologies to that evil scum or his loved ones. Because I wouldn’t be sorry for running somebody over or killing them for trespassing on my property and killing one of my pets. They should not charge this man. If anything, let him go and let it be a warning to anyone who’d think of doing the same to dogs or cats. To me it makes no difference whether they have owners or not, they need to STOP killing them for consumption!

  10. In US it would be temporary insanity plea and definitely acquitted.
    Personally I would join the dog owner
    So sorry for the dog

  11. Give him a medal!!!! That’s how one should deal with sub human garbage that do such horrific acts against innocent animals, pets. Justice was finally served!!!! Bravo!!!!

  12. Sounds like a terrible accident to me. People get gas pedal and brakes confused all the time. I hope he doesn’t get charged.

  13. They should give this guy a medal! Please keep us updated on the outcome of this case! I believe he was distraught over the cold blooded murder of his dog!


  15. This man is a hero and a total badass. He deserves a medal for his valiant action against someone who deserves to be shot into space for harming a k9 friend.

  16. I believe I would have done the same thing. I hope the courts, or what ever the system is there, understand what gave him cause to kill. RIP to the murdered dog. I agree with the others. This person is a hero.

  17. The owner deserves a medal for following the monster who was killing animals. I hope NOTHING happened to the owner. Good riddance to the murderer….rot in hell.

  18. Ah, the Chinese. Nothing will happen to the repulsive dog killers, unfortunately. China doesn’t love animals. It kills them.


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