UPDATE: Yorkie’s mouth bound with elastic left at animal clinic

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In West Palm Beach, Florida, the one-year-old Yorkie whose mouth had been bound with elastic for days is making a slow recovery. On Monday, the sweet little dog dubbed Pixie, by her rescuers had started to eat on her own. Paws 2 Help founder Eve Van Engel has been feeding Pixie Gerber’s baby food.

“Pixie update! As of this morning, she is eating on her own. But she still has a long recovery ahead of her.”

On Sunday, the dog was dropped off at a local animal clinic with the Yorkie’s mouth tied shut with an elastic hair tie. The band that bound the seven-pound dog’s muzzle had been tied so tightly that it cut a 3/4 inch gash which had penetrated the bone. Accompanying the disturbing photo of Pixie  posted on social media when she arrived at the clinic, her tragic past began to unravel:

“One-year-old Yorkie mix, (we’ve named Pixie). She is fighting for her life, body wrecked with infection from the injuries she has endured when she had her mouth tied tight in an effort to stop her barking.. We are unsure of the last time she was able to even eat..

As far as we have established, she was living in a cage outside on a concrete patio, she had been passed from person to person for her short life. Her condition is currently GUARDED, we are attempting to get the infection under control, and see if we can get her to eat. If she survives another 18 hours, and still cannot eat, we will plan on operating and inserting a feeding tube.”

Pixie still remains in guarded condition as she fights a severe infection. No information has been made available as to animal cruelty charges in this case. All information has been turned over to the authorities.

(Photos of Yorkie’s mouth bound with elastic via Paws 2 Help and WPEC screenshot)

Donations to help Pixie can be made by clicking here.

Read Pixie’s original story here.

Read about the prison sentence handed down to Caitlyn the dog’s abuser. 

13 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    So Pixie was dropped off and no one saw who did this??????? I find that hard to believe that she was left at a clinic and the whole place was in the bathroom – something is very suspicious since no one is standing up for this poor little dog – if they have this much information about her lousy living conditions SOMEONE was talking. This little dog deserves justice for the cruelty inflicted on her – and it is obvious that there is a human who needs to be held responsible for this cruelty.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    Hopefully the antibiotics will take affect !!! Cruelty Charges… Hell the asshole that did this needs to be shot ! she has been neglected from the very start of her life… Instead of letting her languish on the concrete out side… Why the hell didn’t the contact a RESCUE…. Total Bastards they are!!! the whole bunch that was aware this was going on!!!!

    • lina sorrentino says:

      Sick psychopaths. Demons from hell. We don’t need their evil fucking heads. Please put them away for a long long time. Serial killers in the making.


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