Necropsy results back for dog who died during grooming session

Dog died during Petco grooming session

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A woman’s dog died while at a grooming session at a Petco in Middletown, Rhode Island. According to Monday’s WPRI News, the five-year-old pug, named “Ollie,” had no (known) pre-existing health conditions which would have led to his untimely demise.

Ollie’s owner had left her pet with the groomers while she went shopping – when she returned, her dog was “on the floor” and people were tending to him. The sad incident is now being investigated by the Rhode Island SPCA and Middletown’s Animal Control officer.

Petco has released a statement which indicates that the company is also looking into what happened. Stephanie Wilson, the company spokeswoman, stated:

“All of us at Petco are deeply saddened by Ollie’s passing and we are currently conducting a thorough investigation,” We understand there is no way to make up for the loss of a pet, however, we are committed to doing everything possible to help Ollie’s family through this extremely difficult time.”

Investigators looking into who is responsible for leaving a starved puppy in a plastic bin – read the story here.

Emaciated puppy left for dead in plastic bin


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    So what happened? I can’t imagine leaving my pet to be groomed and coming back to him laying on the floor dead! Something happened, and sadly these thing seem to be happening a bit too often at Petco and Petsmart!

  2. Red says:

    These pet stores are hiring idiots….. they need to run background checks if they are going to be entrusted with peoples furbabies!!!

  3. Carole says:

    This is not the first time a dog has died during a grooming session at Petco and several other grooming places. I would sue the shit out of them and close down all their grooming stores. There is no excuse for this. It’s obvious that the groomer screwed up somewhere during the grooming process.

    • Jessica says:

      Not so, actually.

      There are 1,400 petco’s in the USA and 1,500 petsmarts.
      Sometimes, VERY RARELY, especially with brachiocephalic dogs like pugs, the stress of grooming can cause preexisting medical conditions to be exacerbated. No one wants to see dogs die , especially when they aren’t in the care of their owners, but sadly sometimes it’ll happen when MILLIONS are being groomed every day at petco alone.

      The media likes to report on EVERY case of dog death because let’s face it, FEAR sells even better than sex. However this fear mongering is very dangerous. It can cause people to fear the groomer so much their dogs are neglected.

  4. Sue says:

    This is not the first time, or even just the second or third, that dogs have died at Petco while being groomed. I just saw one, too where a Petco “trainer” killed a dog by hanging it (the same “technique” used by the police, sheriffs, and military – and very little of it is done for “training.”

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You are absolutely right, Sue – this is not the first time a dog at Petco has died during a supposed ‘grooming’ session. These ‘groomers’ are either incompetent, untrained or just cruel and Petco needs to be held responsible for these deaths. Maybe being sued by the pet owners would wake them up –

    • ellen cottone says:

      Petco especially seems to screw up on pugs and bull dogs. they have mostly killed this kind of dog. The people who they hire should be working at kohls dept stores. They should not be in charge of an animals well being. there is alot of leaving the animals alone during apointments.they take little walk away breaks. they over heat dogs to the point that they cook and die in there heaters. with no one in attendance.We got to run this company out of business. Petcos little side business of grooming and killing from lack of trained staff needs to be nationally adressed. This is a retail store. These services should be done by professional groomers off site and by professional medical professionals. How many people have to go thru this? I know of 3- cases in the last couple of years here on long island. Who watching these greedy fat cats?

  5. Donna LaPorta says:

    I have taken my precious pup to PETCO on an occasion, and when I brought him home I noticed that his eye was red ,so I called to ask what had happened, they immediately told me to take him to.the emergency room and they wold pay the bill,no explanation just when I went there they knew they had done something wrong .I never will take him back they hire unprofessional people

  6. Carole says:

    Shut down all Petcos. Never take your pet there for anything. This happens way too often. They are in the moneymaking business and don’t give a shit about your dog.

  7. Teresa says:

    It’s cause petco only gives a shit about the bad employees and let’s the great ones walk. They choose money over clients. Money over employees.

  8. S says:

    I have worked at Pet Grooming Facilities in the past….I saw horrific abuse, and owners had NO IDEA. Needless to say, I only worked at these facilities for a few weeks, as I could not stand to witness any kind of abuse to animals. Each Grooming experience would be no different than the other. I finally worked at the last Grooming Shop, and it was the only one out of several that was kind to the animals. I NEVER bring my dogs to a Groomer or Boarding Kennel due to the paranoia of them being abused after what I observed. I am so disgusted by people doing jobs that they don’t have patience for. I was just in Petco in Warwick a few months back, purchasing something, and I noticed the Groomer being aggressive and mishandling the dog she was Grooming. I called the Manager. He did nothing about it….

    I don’t want to assume that abuse was responsible for this poor Pug’s death. I do hope that a thorough investigation is done, and hopefully there are surveillance cameras that may have captured the incident.

  9. DJ Keene says:

    If i could give no stars i would. After having our dogs groomed on a Friday afternoon our small Yorkie Alice was a bit more snorty than normal. We remembered she had a similar reaction the last time we had her groomed a few months earlier and just thought she had some hair in her throat. It had gone away after a day, no big deal. This time she was the same but slightly stained breathing when exited the following day(Saturday). by the end of the day she wasn’t getting any better and we had planned to get her checked out on Sunday. Before we new it she was going down hill fast at when we went to go to bed Saturday night. We went to bed and tried calming her down as i was able to the night before. Nothing would sooth her and moving her made it even worse. Before we could even think of rushing her to and Urgent Care Vet she stopped breathing all together and was gone. I hate to place blame on anyone but after some research the symptoms were pretty evident she was suffering form a collapsed trachea possibly(most likely) from being leashed too tight while getting groomed. i cant enplane the pain my family and i are sharing right now. its had enough writing this review as i shake violently. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL HERE TO GET GROOMED! Now I can only blame myself for not knowing the symptoms ahead of time and reacting before it was too late. (Everett, WA Location)

  10. Louise Senatore says:

    We’ve taken our Border Collie mix to Petco for about 2 years now every 4 months for a bath and grooming. He’s in great health and has had all of his shots. I pay extra for him to be Express and have one groomer take care of him. This last time when I picked him up he seemed lethargic and subdued all day and the next day. The third day he was throwing up badly, had no appetite, and didn’t want any water. Of course it had to be a Sunday and our vet was closed. Towards the end of the day he was a bit better and ate some rice and chicken and drank. I still don’t know why he had symptoms like the stomach flu but he picked up something at Petco. Do they wipe down the tables there, spray Lysol around, wash their hands? Who knows, but I may not take him there again but search out a private groomer.


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