Dogs getting sick from eating poisoned hot dogs thrown in yards

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The Lake Hallie Police Department in Wisconsin has issued a warning to pet owners to be careful after several dogs have become sick from eating pieces of hot dogs laced with an unknown substance. According to the department’s Facebook page, the public’s help is needed identifying the person(s) responsible for this potentially deadly situation to area pets and wildlife.

“These pictures were taken on a trail camera of a suspicious subject in the area. The Police Department has received numerous calls regarding someone putting an unknown substance inside cut up hot dogs and then wrapping them in floss. The hot dogs have been thrown in people’s yards where dogs then eat them and become sick.”

Area residents have rightfully expressed their anger and frustration about this apparent animal cruelty situation and are warning all dog owners to keep their pets on short leashes and to be careful if their dog picks up anything strange while on their walks. 

If anyone recognizes the person of interest, please contact the police department at 2017-0266. 0292. You may remain anonymous.

(Photos of poisoned hot dogs courtesy of Lake Hallie Police Department. Please note the accurate date had not been set on the camera by the owners) No dog deaths have been reported.

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  1. Red says:

    There is only one dangerous breed…………………………….. HUMANS! Wish there was a way to find all abusers and put them out of EVERYONE’S misery!

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    They need to put up camera’s in the area’s noted, and have undercover officer’s in unmarked cars throughout the area’s frequented… notification to postal service who deliver to watch , people who do shift work, car pools, taxies, buses , to all be on the watch for this Psychopath!! Go OUTSIDE WITH YOUR PET”S and STAY till THEY COME IN!!!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      That;s what they need to do alright! Unfortunately, the police aren’t going to lose sleep if someone;s pets are being poisoned, The pet owners need to keep their eye’s opened and hope the police and the courts do something if and when they find out who is doing this. I won’t hold my breath though!

    • Sherry says:

      I have to go outside with my dogs until they return inside. Psychos next door have been known to hum things at them with great force. KIDS. Sometimes toys, but sometimes things like a damn hammer. Their mother yells at them but can’t control them. I’ve had to yell at them for trying to throw sand in their dogs eyes, our dogs eyes and each others eyes. I’ve got to go outside like I’m on duty and give the evil eye. They better not hurt my dogs. I’ll go to jail myself in that case. and this case, another cowardly sicko, too weak to stand up to another man so he sneaks arounds poisoning the voiceless, defenseless dogs. By the way, that floss is no innocent measure he is taking. that stuff can get into a dogs intestines and shred it if it goes the wrong way or twist off and cause intestinal blockage. serious stuff.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        Good for :YOU Sherry !! Although this causes you a lot more time YOU are proactive in protecting your pets. Classic example of parent/ parents with no involvement and THEN wonder ‘ Oh gosh did I do something wrong when their Monster Children are arrested time and time again” .. Also aware of the floss I am a nurse… THIS IS ONE SICK AND DISTORED PERSON NEXT he/she will start putting poison in a salad bar or deli… !!!

  3. Diana Bradshaw says:


  4. Meghan says:

    Not long ago, while walking my little one I kinda did worry about something like this. Please always be aware, with everything in life, the world today is not so cozy and sweet.
    Stay safe and hope for the animals to recover. Sending love!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Someone KNOWS who this maggot is – a reward will open someone’s mouth – when and if this so called ‘human’ is found, don’t bother to prosecute them, just stuff those poisoned hot dogs down their throat and watch them choke to death – save the taxpayers money. This hunk of sewer slime does not deserve to breathe.

  6. Bunny Peters says:

    This happened to our neighborhood in Northern California. Some disgusting POS was throwing food poisoned with anti freeze into pet owners’ yards. Several cats and dogs died. Our 2 dogs were poisoned but thanks to very quick (& VERY expensive) emergency veterinary clinic veterinarians, they both survived…….

    If I had been able to spend a few minutes with this disgusting POS, I would have been sent to prison for life…….

    Sadly, this happened before security cameras were used in private residences. Today, there is a much better chance (due to technological advances) of catching whoever is doing this (& hopefully having enough evidence to charge and convict)…..

    My biggest fear is that the POSs who poison innocent animals will “graduate to humans”……

    They need to be locked up as they are “serial killers in training”…….


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