Two barely alive Labrador puppies found scrounging for bits of food

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What do young puppies know about scrounging for bits of food? On Saturday night, rescuers found the two anemic and starving puppies wandering along the road in Mission, Texas. Although they were very weak, tick and flea infested and horribly anemic, the puppies were so hungry they seemed grateful to have been captured; even so young they knew they had finally been rescued.

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Stacey Silverstein was called and asked to help, she quickly arranged for the dogs to be transferred to the same veterinarian hospital as Trooper – the puppy abandoned in a cardboard box. Trooper remains in critical condition.

“This is what our rescue was doing last night; saving tick infested, very sick puppies from living under an abandoned house for weeks.
We have learned there were six, but they were slowly dying off from being abandoned and sick and these two puppies are the only ones that have survived,” Stacey posted on the group’s Facebook page. “They are now very sick and fighting for survival.”

It is not known if the mother dog is still alive, or if any of the other puppies may have survived. As of Sunday evening, Stacey told the Pet Rescue Report the two puppies are still extremely ill, severely anemic and receiving intravenous fluids to help stabilize them. Their photos and short videos tell their tragic story.

(Photos of puppies scrounging for food courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Video at time of rescue:

Posted by Stacey Silverstein on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Donations are desperately needed to help.


PO Box 101
NY NY 10028

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Second video:

Posted by Stacey Silverstein on Saturday, September 23, 2017



8 replies
  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    WTF is wrong with the people of Texas???Amongst the worst states for animal cruelty and neglect.. Shame in this state !!!!!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    And once again, if not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC these puppies would be dead – Texas keeps on proving that it is in the top five of states that animals are treated like trash because of the redneck inbred humans that live there. I hope these little ones survive and get the safe loving homes they definitely never had.

  3. Star Shelley says:

    Sending prayers,to these 2 babies, asking dear lord to help them recover. Yes Texas is horrible to their animals, I put some of these people in the same category as some of the Asian countries. So sad, hard to believe that someone did not find them a long time ago.


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