Rescued: Puppies tied up in grain bag and dumped in river

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Six puppies, barely old enough to open their eyes were rescued on Sunday morning after having been found by a kayaker. The pups had been tied up in a grain bag and dumped into the river near River Road in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. An animal control officer responded to the scene and took possession of the puppies.

Considering the circumstances, the puppies are reported doing well and are in the care of a professional until they are old enough to be made available for adoption. All are expected to survive and are being kept together.

If anyone has any information about the person(s) who abandoned these puppies, you are asked to contact Officer Benjamin Smoot at the Uxbridge Police Department. Someone in the area must know of a dog who had been pregnant and recently gave birth. Someone in the area may have seen someone carrying a grain bag or acting suspiciously near the river. Help these puppies find justice, and punish the person responsible for such inexcusable animal cruelty.

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Photo of the puppies found in grain bag via Facebook for the Uxbridge Police Department. Call 508.278.7755.

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  1. There must be witnesses or family members who have knowledge of this evil person! They should also be arrested for abetting this criminal unless they turn he or she or them into the police! I hope the puppies’ parents are safe! Please update us on this case!

  2. HUGE THANK :YOU to the kayaker who rescued these puppies from certain death. The bastard who did this will never be found – but what goes around comes around and may they find themselves destitute, full of disease and living under a filthy bridge and NO ONE CARES!


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