Helpless puppy abandoned behind dumpster in cardboard box

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In Mission, Texas a tiny helpless puppy curled up in a cardboard box on Wednesday; just where his heartless owner abandoned him behind a dumpster for the trash men to cart away. Had it not been for an employee from the bakery where the puppy had been dumped, who peeked into the box after hearing the soft cries of the seriously ill puppy, who knows what his fate might have been in just a few more hours?

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified to help, co-founder Stacey Silverstein arranged to transport the puppy to the organization’s partner emergency veterinarian hospital where the puppy, now dubbed Trooper, remains in critical condition.

“How dare this happen,” posted Stacey on the group’s Facebook page. “Living beings are not to be treated like trash. This angel was left to die in a box and be picked up by the sanitation with the rest of the trash. Thank God we were alerted to this atrocity, and we immediately took this puppy into our rescue. He is in critical condition.”

At this time it is still not known if Trooper will survive, but everything medically possible is being done.

This is a developing story and as more information is made available about Trooper, his updates will follow. To donate to this extremely critical case,

Pay pal
PO Box 101
NY,NY 10028

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

Photos of helpless puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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10 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    WHAT can one Say!!! Again this is TEXASS! I know this happens in all other of our United States , but the “crap” “abuse” “neglect’ “torture” ‘maiming” of helpless animals is so much more prevalent in This SO CALLED LONE STAR STATE that it simply makes a person want to totally disown that “HELL HOLE” I saw the Governor speaking the other day and I believe he is in a wheel chair. I would think him of all Officials in Texas would be a much better ‘Champion” in trying to help this Horrific problem with lack of shelters, high kill shelters, simple charge and punishment of the “PERPS” who are caught in the act of torture , killing, maiming of animal’s . Yet he is definitely NOT VESTED!!!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Whoever dumped this poor animal to either die or be carted away like garbage will hopefully find themselves in dire straits and end up living under a filthy bridge and NO ONE CARES. Thanks again to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC he is getting medical care and will hopefully recover NO THANKS TO THE MAGGOT PUKE WHO LEFT HIM.

  3. Red says:

    I am afraid the monsters of the world are out numbering the good people. Until the courts start MAKING PEOPLE pay for abuse and abandonment of animals….. it will only continue to worsen. So sad what our society as stooped to. God bless all the poor, helpless, defenseless animals and keep them safe.

  4. Barbara Hartman says:

    I agree with above 4 comments…there is a big need to set up severe laws and high penalty, register as animal abuser for life and not allowed to own or be near animals of all types

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Keeping this precious pup in our prayers, Trooper is in the loving hands of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC as again they save the dogs left to suffer like trash. Who ever dumped this poor pup, needs to go to jail! I surely hope they find who did this and they lock them up and throw away the key.


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