Thailand sea turtle fed 11 pounds of coins by tourists died

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A sea turtle in Thailand, who rose to Internet fame after veterinarians surgically removed 915 coins from her stomach, died on Tuesday morning. Named “Omsin” which translates to “Piggy Bank” in Thai, the beloved turtle had been expected to live after the surgery performed two weeks ago, but tragically passed away announced the Bangkok Post.

Omsin lived in a turtle pond in the town of Sri Racha where people would toss coins into her pond as a symbol to bring good luck – much like people have done in Trevi Fountain and ponds across the world. The problem with Omsin however – is the turtle had been eating the coins, and yes surgeons counted 915 of them to be exact. They had collected in a heavy ball that cracked her ventral shell leading to an acute infection. A seven-hour surgery followed as surgeons removed the coins one by one.

According to the Chulalongkorn University Facebook page, veterinarians thought she was well on her way to recovery from the March 6 surgery, but on Sunday morning the turtle began to breathe too slowly and was rushed to intensive care where an infection in her intestines was found. A second surgery was not successful.

“We are all very sad,” stated the Nantarika Chansue, the head of the aquatic animal research department. “We tried our best, but due to her physical weakness and multiple complications including toxicity in her blood system, she couldn’t make it.”

In Thailand, turtles are viewed as a symbol of longevity, and even though Reuters reports that vets are planning a necropsy to figure out her exact cause of death, why make it so complicated? How about people stop throwing coins in the pond for turtles to eat? How tragic and so easily avoidable – Omsin was only 25-years-old and could have lived to be 100-years-old!

(Photos of Thailand sea turtle Facebook via Chulalongkorn University)

Oh how stupid these mortals be!

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  1. Mira says:

    Your headline is WRONG….the tourists DID NOT feed the turtle….the tourists are allowed BY authorities over there to drop coins in that pond where she lived. ….PLEASE be more accurate…Read the comments and you will see how people react….Nobody FED her coins intentionally ! PERIOD>

    • tina says:

      I don’t think the headline meant that the turtle was purposely being fed the coins. but, it ate the coins that people were tossing for good luck.

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    This is beyond stupid! The makeup of coins had a toxic effect inside this poor turtle! The fact that humans are this stupid is not surprising what is surprising that there is no law against this idiocy! The infection that killed this turtle was a direct effect of all the coins! So stupid so needless!

      • Cheryl Hanna says:

        Actually the surgeons removed the obstruction (the coins) in the turtle’s first operation. Complications occurred when an infection in her intestines set in. The turtle’s health had already been compromised because of the metal residue in her bloodstream. She just didn’t have the strength to stave off any infections. Such a sad story… ;-(

      • Eric Vegan Weisman, DC says:

        Human Insanity & a complete lack of compassion caused this poor Turtle’s death. How pathetic so many of us Humans are. It makes it so frustrating & difficult for those of us that care about All Animals. Our species is so sick. I work so hard to inform others about the importance of being kind to other beings & not eating them everyday in every venue. I explain to People how imporatant & how inexpensive it is to go Vegan for themselves & their Pets. I HOPE YOU WILL TOO. I live in Minnesota US which is in the most depraved & genocidal area of the World for torturing & killing Animals per person. With all the hunting, fishing, trapping, factory farming, slaughter, chemiical drug production, construction, excavation & mining here there is endless torture and death of Non Humans. Still I do a weekly Cable TV Program in 11-20 MN Cities to wake People up to the importance of protecting the innocent. Our company makes Vegan Dog and Cat Foods. We hope you will only buy from Vegan Pet Food Companies like Evolution, Ami, Vdog and Benovo because the Flesh Pet Food Cos. can not be trusted. Thank you for helpng the Animals

    • ellen cottone says:

      The cause of death was intestinal obstruction that blocked omsins protin intake.
      Said dr. roongroje thanawongnuwech, dean of the veterinary school at bangkoks chulalongkorn university.
      She slowly starved to death begging people for help because she was suffering a slow death.
      Because she was a residant. not a marine wildlife. people fed her and she stuck around for food and than culturall asians believe all that crap about granting coin wishes.Sruggling to keep afloat with 11lbs of metal in her gut. struggling to stay above water struggling and gasping for air and snapping at coins hoping its food untill the bottom plate of her shell broke thru. infection? you wish.

      • Kathleen Drude says:

        In response to Ellen cottone: moron they cleared the obstruction what killed this turtle was the infection! Now I’m done with you! You need to read the notes sweetness! But hey you can’t spell so maybe that’s why you can’t get shit straight right? Bitch sit down and shut the fuck up you disgust me

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    If the turtle was so “beloved” you would have thought they wouldn’t have let the turtle stay in a tank where coins were thrown. Anyway you look at it, they let this poor turtle down royally!

  4. ellen cottone says:

    Let me guess is there some ancient demon/god (Its always one or the other)story about some fortune granting giant turtle? And did they trap this turtle in an encloser and starve it? So it would desparatly eat coins.?

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    This turtle was literally trapped in some nasty pond and tourists were encouraged to throw coins for supposed ‘good luck’ – Omsin, being an animal ate what was thrown in – and died due to infections caused by metal from these coins – so anyone with an ounce of brains would realize he would think it was food being thrown in – stupid humans.

    • ellen cottone says:

      Turtles in ponds dont eat coins. What they are referring to is not really a pond it was a park with an outlet. its bad translation.
      He was found in the open sea in the sorrounding area by the navy and found struggling to stay afloat. They breath air. My guess for some time he has been begging for help and everytime he did someone shoved a coin at him. it was the nations navy that rescued him and delivered him to emergancy.
      But it was to late. The sheer exhaustion swimming for air and food with 11lbs in your gut and not being able to swallow and digest food is the reason he did not survive surgery. can you imagion the agony of your bottom brestplate breaking with the weight of the metal? The weeker underside of a turtals shell? The onlything keeping it from viseration was its tought prehistoric skin like a sak trying to drown the turtle.
      But heres the dreadful part.
      He has not eaten for the better part of its life. He was not able to eat for a very long time. he was showing up in the pond asking humans for food because he was starving. he was desparate he was begging for help.
      I just think it should be known how desparate and tragic his life was. And the real story of his existance and long slow death. There seems to be confusion. In respect for the turtle. I simplified it. Now you know.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Infections are treatable with antibiotics. The Toxcidy from coinage? I dont even belive that. He could still live a long life with the nothing amount of metal showing up in his blood.That is also treatable and it is not what would kill a turtle no mater how scary people think it sounds.
        No this turtle never had the luxury of dying from “infection” He was already dead before they…
        “Removed Blockage” ( not cleared blockage, you “clear” your throat the word cleared is not surgical medical terminology how can you not know better?) -ectomy, Excision medical term for Surgical removal.

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