Cold-stunned sea turtles being released into open ocean at Gulf of Mexico

In an exhaustive 24-hour effort that spanned the entire night and ended on Sunday morning, more than 2,200 previously cold-stunned sea turtles have been released into the open ocean at the Gulf of Mexico.

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More than 4,500 sea turtles rescued from frigid Texas waters

On South Padre Island, Texas, volunteers have rescued over 4,500 turtles stunned from the cold waters. Their species have been severely threatened by the record-cold temperatures in the state.

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Alabama man fined for harassing monk seal at Hawaii beach

An Alabama man was fined $1,500 on Friday for harassing a monk seal and a sea turtle at a Hawaiian beach in Kauai. After approaching the sleeping Hawaiian monk seal, the tourist posted a video … Read More

Trapped in a bar stool: Endangered Kemps turtle suffered horrible death

In Florida’s Panhandle, one of the most endangered species of sea turtles in the world, was found trapped in a bar stool – its body floating along with the bar stool close to shore in … Read More

More than 400 dead sea turtles found floating off coast of El Salvador

Officials have no idea why more than 400 hundred dead sea turtles have been found floating in the waters off El Salvador’s Pacific coast. Late last week, the environmental ministry posted on Twitter that its … Read More

Thailand sea turtle fed 11 pounds of coins by tourists died

A sea turtle in Thailand, who rose to Internet fame after veterinarians surgically removed 915 coins from her stomach, died on Tuesday morning. Named “Omsin” which translates to “Piggy Bank” in Thai, the beloved turtle … Read More