Woman under investigation as disturbing image of puppy being crushed by a python appears online

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A woman who posted an image online of her pet Royal python crushing what appeared to be a very young puppy to death is currently under investigation by the Seprona animal protection unit of the Guardia Civil in Granada, Spain. According to the Local, a volunteer at a local animal shelter came across the photo after reading an online advertisement offering the snake for sale.

When the worker went undercover and posed as a prospective buyer, she asked about the photo of the snake showing the puppy being crushed. The woman allegedly admitted she had been feeding her snake puppies, birds and kittens. Royal pythons crush their prey to death until they can no longer breathe.

The owner of the snake could face felony charges of animal abuse. The non venomous reptiles can live for 30 years while kept in captivity and generally grow to a length of five feet. Considered friendly, they are the most popular pet snakes in the world.

(Photo of Royal python via screenshot of Local)

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  1. Absolutely heartbreaking for those abused animals who ended up as snake food…… totally terrifying (and unnecessary) death for those precious angels (my brother’s friend fed his snake rats that had been processed by the local pet shop).

    The thought of those poor precious angels dying a terrifying death will haunt me forever……. I am sick to think of their unnecessary suffering (& I think she took pleasure in their suffering)…….

    She is clearly a sadist……. doesn’t belong in normal society…….

    I hope she is sent to jail forever & burns in Hell forever……

  2. Clearly a heartless BITCH! This is the second picture I’ve seen of a snake crushing a puppy. Earlier today there was a yellow boa that snatched a pup and crushed it. The POS’s that were video taping it thought it was amusing. Assholes that abuse, neglect and kill animals don’t deserve to live.

  3. You all are beyond ignorant to think a snake thinner than the average arm can eat a meal much larger than them. And if it was a “puppy” it would have to be an ABORTED OR WAY TO EARLY STILL BORN PUPPY YOU KNOW DEAD!!

    • Obviously you’re the ignorant one. A snakes mouth can open large enough to consume a puppy. It’s body expands while swallowing it’s prey. Pythons have consumed alligators in Florida. I suggest you educate yourself!

      • Nope. I keep royal pythons myself. They can unhinge their jaws, yes. They two sides of the lower jaw can separate left from right, yes. But they still can’t consume anything larger than themselves. Royal pythons are not very big. Five feet long is about the max. I have a seven and a half foot boa that couldn’t eat a puppy, okay? Royal pythons, not even. They eat MICE. Get that through your head. MICE. My boa constrictor eats RATS. Not one of my snakes could eat a viable puppy, unless it was a Teacup Yorkie pup.

        Now what makes you think that a dog is a better, more worthy animal to not be eaten than a mouse or a rat? Why aren’t you up in arms over the eating of a dead mouse or a dead rat? What is it about a dead puppy that outrages you, but a dead rat makes you shrug your shoulders and say “yeah, whatever”? Because it’s the circle of life. Snakes eat. Dogs eat. Mice eat. You and I eat. Everything that lives eats. There’s nothing noble and heroic about dogs that makes them somehow more deserving of being given a pass, okay? They’re dogs. And you have no evidence that this was a viable, living puppy. For a Royal python to be capable of eating it, it had to be pretty darned small. Mouse-sized. I actually laughed when I saw the headline combined with the photo. Because it’s patently absurd. That prey is mouse-sized, trust me. I have seven Royal pythons in my home. There’s not a single one of them that can eat anything bigger than a mouse.

      • The woman admitted to feeding her snake puppies and birds. Dogs are noble and heroic. Perhaps because of your insensitivity toward dogs you may find it ok for them to be used as food. We as dog owners/lovers see it differently. Dogs are domesticated animals, snakes are not.There’s a video circulating of a man in China who admits to adopting puppies as food for his python. If you don’t think people wouldn’t be upset about a pup being eaten by a snake you are clearly a moron.

  4. no all people thats your comments are way to nice. heres something better. first we take dry ice chips. place them in her eye. the burn out the retinias. so she can never do that again. then we take her and take a razor blade and cut her. next a jar of angry red ants pour them.all over her body. then we take her to a very poison es. snake spot throw her in a nest of water mossicanis

  5. She needs prosecuted, so sad to read this. Poor innocent animals suffering a horrible death. I hope she gets banned for life & the snake given to a responsible owner. Lock her up with a bunch of animal lovers & see what she gets & deserves


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