Cops keep beaten and abused puppy safe at police department over the weekend

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In Manhattan, Illinois, police officers have a special soft spot in their hearts for dogs; especially for the defenseless. Over the weekend, the cops cared for a nine-month-old abused puppy which included feeding and walking her until animal cruelty charges could be pressed against her owner on Monday.

According to the Manhattan Patch, the puppy named Raven was brought into protective custody on March 10 after a witness saw her owner beat, kick and throw the dog to the ground. Police Chief Joseph Wazny stated the injuries to the puppy had been consistent with what the concerned citizen described, as the dog’s owner, Richard Winchell, 26, was seen abusing her.

On Friday, officers seized Raven, but were unable to meet with prosecutors or a judge until Monday, so the dog was made comfortable in a kennel at the police station after she was treated by a local veterinarian. On Monday, Raven was transported to the Will County Animal Control where she will remain until the case is resolved. It is hoped the judge will order the dog be turned over to a rescue group where she will be evaluated and be made available for adoption.

Winchell faces three counts of animal cruelty and is scheduled to appear in court on April 12.

(Photos of beaten and abused puppy and Winchell via Manhattan Police Department)

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      • There is no room in society for such a cruel person. How can. Person (bully) abuse a small, defenseless, defendant loving animal . Lock him up and through awY the key! Pathetic!

      • Richard Winchell should NEVER be near any animal ever again – his picture should be posted in every shelter and rescue so he never gets his filthy hands on any animal.

  1. Whish sweet Raven a very careful foreverhome ???????? and put thé “owner” in jailj för å Long time ????????

  2. Thank you police officers!! Prosecute that POS to the fullest extent!!!!!!!!!!! No sympathy for that sorry excuse for a human

  3. Good for these cops going out of their way for an abused puppy! The bastard who had the puppy needs to have his ass kicked! Raven needs a home where he will be loved and protected!

  4. Poor dog!! What punishment will this abuser get? Probably a fine and probation,and this is exactly why we will not slow this horror of animal abuse down. Since he probably won’t be significantly punished he WILL do it again to the next dog who will have the misfortune of being under his control! What a cowardly low life wimp! Got beat on something helpless,bet he would NEVER strike someone who was able to strike back! What a loser!!!


  6. I just want to say thank you too the officers that rescued Ravan from this lowlife. I pray that the judge puts his sorry ass in jail for a long time and never lets him own any kind of animal again. I pray that someone might beat you the way that you beat a poor helpless puppy. God will punish you for being cruel to his animals.

  7. I totally agree with Cynthia Como..Animals will continue to be abused like this if they keep getting off easy.The judge needs to give him the maximum sentence.No time off for good behavior bullshit no plea bargains.Someone ought to beat the shit out of this coward.Thank you so much to the police officers who took care of this puppy.I hope the dog gets a good loving home.This jerk doesn’t deserve him or any animal ever again.

  8. No plea bargains!! This guy is so guilty of this cruel treatment, he will do it again. Should be barred from animals and children for life!!

  9. I hope this maggot named Richard Winchell gets more than a slap on the hand – stick his skank butt in jail and let the inmates have some fun with punk white ass.

  10. Let’s honor those police officers who rescued this pup. But don’t let this cause people to turn a blind eye to the fact that while there are kind officers, their departments contain K9 (and, in New York, equine) units, the vast majority of, at least, who severely abuse, and even torture, their own animals.

  11. Have there been any updates on this case?? i’ve tried looking all over and I can’t find anything. I did see that his Facebook was only semi private. Please, go take a look at it. This guy seems like a real piece of work.


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