Starving stray with severe infection rescued off streets of Puerto Rico

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Just ten-days ago, the Humane Society of Puerto Rico received notice of a stray dog with severely infected wounds and in desperate need of rescue. Nearly three months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the island still continues to bring in help to restore their power grid.  As difficult as it has been for the citizens, it has been even harder for the dogs left behind when residents were forced to evacuate.

When the Humane Society of PR reached out to the New York Bully Crew, asking  if volunteers could track the dog down and get him to safety, the ground director tracked him and rushed the dog, dubbed Bendito, to the veterinary hospital for life-saving, emergency care. Once upon a time, Bendito had been someone’s dog; his ears had been cropped, but sadly by the appearance of his emaciated body and overgrown nails, the bully breed had been scavenging on the streets for a long time.

Bendito continues to be under the care at Paseos Veterinary Center. When discovered, he was immediately placed on intravenous fluids, antibiotics and pain medications. A mass or an abscess has corrupted his sinus cavity – his face and head had been disproportionately swollen. The cause of his swelling has not yet been positively identified.

“Remember he’s in Puerto Rico and they still are having issues with electricity, so the testing we would normally do cannot be done yet,” the organization posted on their Facebook page to update followers about Bendito’s critical condition. “Infection has to be treated first, and he has to be made stable and strong enough to go through any further testing as well. In order to do anything like an MRI, he would have to go under anesthesia, and at this time he could not survive that. He is still fighting the infection he is being treated for and is still very weak and malnourished.”

Each day Bendito is becoming stronger, more alert, eating and even wagging his tail. His recovery is still considered quite slow, and the cause for his swelling still remains unknown. A radiograph shows the swollen area, and it is being monitored.

“He is slowly responding to the antibiotics and the affected area is draining out from his sinus cavity via his nose and both eyes, in turn the swelling is slowly coming down. They will repeat the X-rays this week to see if the mass vs abscess has shrunk. If so, it’s an infection. If not then we could be dealing with a mass in the sinuses which is not what we are hoping for.”

Bendito is being kept comfortable. Advocates have made sure the very popular pooch has a comfortable bed to relax and get well. Although it is a day by day situation, it is hoped Bendito will be heal – a new life awaits this boy.

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  1. Ezgi Melody says:

    ♥ℒℴѵℯ♥ ℒℴѵℯ♥ ℒℴѵℯ♥ ℒℴѵℯ♥

  2. Blsultan says:

    Thank you bringing the plight of Puerto Rico’s abandoned animals to your readers. The island has had a major problem with stray and abandoned cats and dogs before hurricane Maria. Please continue!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    I do not know how Bendito got in the horrific condition he was found in, but I hope he will completely recover and find the safe loving home he obviously never had. Sorry, there is NO excuse for leaving any animal to fend for itself when there is an emergency – inconceivable to me. Some people have no soul and to just care only about themselves proves it.

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    The pictures of Bendito are horrific and heartbreaking! I love New York Bully Crew they rescue dogs suffering horribly from Puerto Rico on a regular basis,even before the hurricane! Looking at the massive swelling on Bendito reminds me of the heartbreaking story of BoBo who’s story I’ll never ever forget and I still get tears in my eyes when I think of BoBo. I’m praying for precious Bendito to make a speedy recovery and hope that his swelling is infection and not some deadly mass!! ????????❤️GET WELL SOON BENDITO❤️???????? ❤️THANK U NEW YORK BULLY CREW❤️


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