Pair of Texas puppies thrown in dumpster found with ‘icicles in their whiskers’

In Bellmead, Texas, a pair of puppies were found in a dumpster on Monday night as temperatures dropped into single digits. Two women found the puppies while taking out their trash at the Eagle Crest … Read More

Young pup who was starved rescued just in time

When an overcrowded shelter reached out to the New York Bully Crew on Sunday for help with a starving puppy, volunteers stepped up for the job. Meet Nelson.

“We received a call from the same

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Dog discovered dumped in bag on NYC road with mouth taped shut

Animal advocates from the New York Bully Crew joined together on Wednesday to save the life of a dog who had been dumped in a garbage bag on a NYC road near a Brooklyn highway; … Read More

Starving stray with severe infection rescued off streets of Puerto Rico

Just ten-days ago, the Humane Society of Puerto Rico received notice of a stray dog with severely infected wounds and in desperate need of rescue. Nearly three months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the … Read More

Seriously injured dog may have been bait dog victim

Early Saturday morning, the New York Police Department from the 113th Precinct in Jamaica Queens, reached out to the rescue organization New York Bully Crew for help. A disfigured dog was discovered in serious condition; … Read More