Rescued Chihuahuas chewed on dead owner’s feet while locked in trailer

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In Casa Grande, Arizona, 61 rescued Chihuahuas are lucky to be alive after they were rescued from a mobile home where the man who lived there died. According to officers from the Pinal County Animal Care and Control, the owner, who had died approximately a week ago, had been an animal hoarder and been keeping dogs, birds and goats inside of his filthy trailer home.

Photographs from the interior of the mobile home showed the animals lived in their own feces, urine and trash. After the man died, there was no food or water for any of the animals leaving them all locked inside of the trailer for days with nothing to eat or drink. The AZFamilyNews reports the dogs had been chewing on the dead man’s feet to survive.

A friend in the area had done a welfare check on the man when he made the grisly discovery found the animals.

“It was like a sea of Chihuahuas inside the house,” stated Audra Michael with the Pinal County Animal Care and Control. “It looked like the floor was moving, there were so many. I’ve seen quite a few hoarding situations, and this is probably one of the worst I’ve seen.”

The dogs are now recuperating at the Pinal County Animal Care and Control shelter. Other rescue organizations are helping out. Anyone interested in adopting one of these rescued Chihuahuas is asked to contact the shelter at 520.509.3555.

(Photos of 61 rescued Chihuahuas via the Pinal County Animal Care and Control)

Get well soon all of you adorable little ones.

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  1. Thankfully some came to check on the man who died or all these little helpless creatures would have perished a horrific death… now hopefully they will find homes with loving and caring people…. and live a good life .


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