Public outrage as dog’s paw hacked off after he bit ducks and neighbor

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In a disturbing video showing a dog’s paw hacked off by his owner, has quickly garnered world attention. The accompanying  story appeared in the local newspaper in the coastal town of Phu Quoc, Vietnam on Thursday. When a small black and white retriever pup named Mina bit the ducks at his home and allegedly nipped three neighbors, his owner grabbed the young dog, held him down and chopped off his front paw.

The video clip, recorded by the owner’s son, is extremely graphic and shocking; causing immediate public outrage. Everyone seeing the video cried, and everyone wanted the woman to be found and punished. Caring for Mina, however is the first priority. As posted on Facebook by animal advocate and rescuer, Nom Aly, volunteers stepped up to help:

“KIEN GIANG FAMILY ASSOCIATION and friends with animal love will take care and provide treatment together for Mina, and importantly to restore the mental damage to the baby.

Thank you to the local authorities, Dr. Hieu, Joey T, the driver who helped the Association to persuade the woman to release Mina, to allow us to help counsel her baby and bring Mina to the land of peace.”

Mina has undergone surgery for her paw and will remain with the rescuers until she is healed both physically and emotionally. The owner of the dog claims the dog is aggressive and this was “her way of saving the dog.” Still the woman insisted she loves the dog and bandaged his paw shortly after the heartless deed claiming she allowed the dog to sleep in her bed at night:

“Thụy Kim Anh Nguyễn- She said the dog bited (sic) 3 persons and many  ducks so to cut the dog’s leg was her solution! But in fact I don’t know if she has but she could set up fence so the dog won’t go outside of the big house with the yard. She could make a fence for her duck. She also said her husband want to kill the dog by knock the dogs head.”

It is unclear if Mina will be returned to his owner.

Please help send pleas to Baovecho, a Vietnam organization, (an Asian Canine Protection Alliance – ACPA – member) who created a Vietnamese celebrity video to speak out against dog meat and animal cruelty. Ask to help remove this dog from the owner. Baovdcho email:

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

(Photos and video of Mina with paw hacked off via Facebook)







15 replies
  1. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    You sick bitch you Asian people are so fucked up. I would love to be the one to cut your fucking tongue out. Die bitch I hope Karma gets you good

  2. Adrienne says:

    IF this dog goes after ducks,bites them, as well as people. why hasn’t she trained the dog not to do that. It can be done and I suspect the whole family lies. I bet she loves this dog and if that is the way she shows it, I would not want to be a member of her family if this is the way she deals with things like this. Hope the dog is never returned to her and the family is not allowed to own any animals ever

  3. Joanne says:

    ????????????????????????????????EXTREMELY HEARTBREAKING, DISTURBING, AND HORRIFIC!!! I have no words. This poor dog suffered agonizing pain, extreme abuse, despicable mistreatment, physical and emotional torture and trauma from the hands of that heartless, cruel EVIL MONSTER!! This poor innocent pup MUST be rescued and removed from the custody of that disgusting, dangerous abusive owner! We must be the voice for this helpless dog that suffered excruciating pain and horrible abuse! Mina, I’m so very sorry you were horrifically abused and savagely injured. My heart bleeds for you, precious pup. Mina, I’m praying for your deserved justice and that scumbag EVIL MONSTER be severely punished and prosecuted to the maximum extent! Mina, I’m praying for your speedy recovery and that you are placed in a loving and caring home where you will be loved, respected, and live a safe, healthy, and happy life. Mina, may God bless you and Angels watch and protect you always.❤️????????????????????????????????????❤️

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    These so called ‘humans’ in some Asian countries keep right on proving that they have the brain power of a rock – if I had my way, this piss poor example of a woman would have her right hand cut off for her cruelty – that would be justice for an innocent animal. Apparently neither her nor her husband had any clue as to how to take care of an animal –

  5. ellen cottone says:

    yes in sure they are not going to be returning the dog to the owner.
    before anybody goes on the lets bomb viet nam rant remember there are good hearted people there like every where else.
    someone stepped in for the dog. someone repaired the dog and people of the community were not having it.
    Asia is on notice. Asian people are undoing blatant animal abuse. there stepping up for animals.
    the dog did not nip at a duck and this little dog did not nip any neighbor. the dog was playing with the ducks . the owner is a little to country even for her own neighbors

  6. Red says:

    DO NOT RELEASE this precious baby back to that monster !!! She dies bit deserve the undying love and compassion of any thing or person….. she is amonster!!!

  7. Julie Enos says:

    And what did the dog learn? All that happened is the dog can no longer live a playful life. And the owner got his aggressiveness out. If the dog was aggressive there was a reason. From the sounds of how this owner behaved I have no doubt at all why the dog was aggressive. Stupid idiot needs to go to jail.


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