Miniature pet pig ‘Spam’ found dead after home break-in

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A couple in Cleveland are devastated after their one-year-old, miniature pig named “Spam” was found dead in his crate on Thursday in an East Cleveland backyard. Spam was stolen on September 11 during a home break-in. 

According to Fox8News, Paul Etzler, had returned home from work and found the back door open and a rear window missing. He had been shocked his home had been robbed. Two flat screen televisions were gone as well as jewelry and a tablet computer.

“And then I realized that I didn’t hear the pig oinking and he does this really loud grunt, and I didn’t hear anything and then I realized his carrier was gone, so they must have put him in the carrier and took him out and spilled his food all the way out,” said Etzler.

At the time, Etzler and Valerie Couch thought their adorable pink and brown, 15-pound pig may have been the target of the robbery knowing that miniature pigs can be sold for a thousand dollars. The family offered a reward hoping to find Spam and had raised over $1,000 The couple says that money will be returned or donated to the Animal Protective League, which is performing an autopsy on the pig.

‘It’s just heartbreaking to think about what he went through in the past week-and-a half,” Valerie said. ‘I can’t imagine in a million years. We feel helpless that we couldn’t prevent it. Maybe to them it was just an animal, I don’t know. I’ll never understand the reasoning behind it. Why they bothered to take him if they weren’t going to do anything with him.”

Police in Cleveland are now investigating.

Rest in peace Spam.

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Find the scum who took this miniature pet pig and put him in jail and let the pet lovers do what they want to him and them toss him in the ocean.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      I wish the scumbag would get the death penalty. It’s sad enough being robbed but the little pig was irreplaceable. So heartbreaking for the family.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Whoever committed this vile crime should be put in a crate and dumped into lake Erie – they are no more than complete wastes of flesh and blood – only cowards and spineless scum hurt animals – if someone their own size confronted them they’d be crying for Mommy.

  3. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Awful evil creep who killed poor miniature pet poor little pet why do these assholes do this kill yourselves & make sure you do it right for someone will kill you god bless the little pet Rest In Peace bg


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