Oh my! Raccoon hitches ride on Colorado police vehicle

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In Denver, Colorado, a raccoon decided to hitch a ride on a police vehicle last Thursday night. A Colorado Springs police officer had been heading towards an accident scene in a police van when the cute critter jumped onto the front windshield and held on tightly until Officer Chris Frabbiele pulled over.

According to police spokesperson Lt. Howard Black, the masked bandit’s antics were caught on the van’s dash camera as he crouched near the windshield wipers. Although raccoons are quite plentiful in the area, they don’t normally jump on cars while in motion.

In a post on Facebook, police stated the officer was “pawsitively surprised” to see the animal on his windshield. Comments on the page asked if Officer Frabbiele had been taking photos of the raccoon while he was driving. The police department’s Twitter page did note the officer didn’t take the other photos until he pulled over.
Understandably the jokes have been flying – was the raccoon an ambulance chaser? Then again, do all masked bandits give up so easily and just jump on police cars when caught? Many thanks to the officer however, for pulling over and watching the little fellow safely scamper off with no charges.
Photos via Facebook.
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